Thursday, October 4, 2018

Weather Guessers Strike Again

Got up this morning, leg was not hurting, hip was not hurting, didn't need the cane. Next step was to check the weather since it rained most of yesterday.

Weather Guessers said intermittent showers and by definition: "Stopping for a time and then beginning again". OK, I can live with that. 

Check the DFW planting schedule. Last place planted was Upper and Lower Blue Lakes last week. Target >>>>> Upper Blue Lake. 

Loaded the truck and apparently it's been a while since I went because first I forgot the chair, then my warmer hoodie, then water and granola bars, but remembered all before I left. 

Wife left for work at 8:15 and I followed her out just as it started sprinkling. No problem, intermittent showers, remember.

The further up the hill I went, the harder it rained. By the time I got to Pine Grove (just 8 miles up the road) it was full on wiper blades. 

Between Pine Grove and the beginning of Pioneer (a scant 4 miles) it was raining so hard the gutters were full and water was running across the highway. Doesn't strike me as "intermittent showers". How about you?

Lastly let me explain a little about Highway 88 between Jackson and Carson Pass. A VERY dangerous road. We have at least one accident each week. The last one was a cattle truck last week that took a turn too fast and the highway was closed for the entire day so they could remove all the dead cows. Sad for the cows, scary for driving. 

That said, I wanted nothing to do with driving up there with the conditions as they were, so I turned around at Pioneer and came home. 

Maybe another day.   .   


  1. Mark you can't get a good weatherman these days.
    There was a time when I would fish in the rain but no longer. As I age I've become a fair weather guy.

  2. Mark
    A plus to this trip is you guys are finally getting some rain!!!