Saturday, November 10, 2018

Paradise Lost

If you haven't been watching the National News, the Camp Fire has destroyed the town of Paradise, California. Paradise is a little town up the hill from Chico, California.

It's destroyed 6700 structures, many of them home and businesses and burned 100,000 acres as of this morning.

This fire was fast and hot. It started Thursday morning up near a town called Magalia around 6:30 am. By 4:00 pm it had burned 18,000 acres and by Friday morning it was up to 70,000 acres.

Nine lives have been lost, five of them on one road as the people tried to escape the fire via the only road out.

At times, people abandoned their vehicles and just got out and ran. It was all they could do. The roads were gridlocked with people fleeing.

A very sad day.


  1. Just wow. So hard to believe this got so out of control. My neighbor's daughter lost everything, but the clothes on her back. She has gone out to help her. Prayers, prayers, prayers that this will soon be controlled.

  2. The velocity of that fire is just beyond comprehension.
    Stay safe.

  3. Mark
    How far are you from these fires, Jason told us yesterday that he is close to 80 miles from the burn areas. Are you in a heavy smoke area? It is hard to comprehend how fast these fires travel and the areas they consume in their path of destruction.
    I really feel for all those who lost everything; sad to see someone lose close personal possessions and know they can never be replaced. It seems this is becoming an occurring tragedy week after week. You guys stay safe and keep us posted.

    1. Hi Bill. We're 185 miles from the fire so we're safe. A lot of smoke everywhere, but we're in a light smoke area. We just stay indoors.