Monday, December 3, 2018

How Quickly One Forgets

What did I forget? Fishing in Winter.

Left home at 8:20 for the drive to Lake Camanche North Shore.

Frosty Truck
Once I got the ice scrapped off my truck that is. This is how my truck looks at 28 degrees. 

After a stop for coffee at a little coffee kiosk on the way I got to the lake at about 9:00. Before I go any further, let me tell you about the little coffee kiosk. I used to stop at Starbucks, but since I found this place Starbucks is no longer an option. I can get a good cup of dark roast for a mere $2.00 where Starbucks medium size is $2.75 and they both are the same size and I don't even have to get out of the truck to get it. A no brainer in my book. 

At 9:20 I had two rods out, one with brown Power Eggs and the other with white Power Eggs. This is what I caught the two on back on November 6th. Jeez, has it been that long?????

So I sat and watched the guy on my left and the two guys behind me catch fish after fish and I never got a bite. I allowed one hour for the fish to bite on either rod. Huh, fat chance. 

Did I mention it was cold at the lake. The wind was blowing from the East across the lake. The snow covered mountains are in that direction and I'm sure that had something to do with the cold. I started with a hoodie (it was 45 when I got there) and gloves. After freezing for an hour I went up to the truck and put on my parka (one must be prepared in Winter) and my Eddie Bower gloves. By 10:30 I was back in my hoodie again and didn't need gloves. No wind at all then. Crazy California weather.  

Mean while I rigged my little rod with 2# line, with a 1/4 oz sinker on a slip sinker rig. Pulled in the white Power Eggs and put out the little rod with rainbow Power Bait (what else!). 

I walked up to the truck (a total of maybe 5 feet) and before I could get back there was a fish on. It came in at about a pound and since I wasn't keeping any I gave it to the guys behind me to add to theirs. I put PB back on and within minutes I added another one (this one was about a pound too) to their stringer. 

So I reeled in the rod with brown Power Eggs and re-rigged with rainbow Power Bait. In the next hour I got two bites on this rod and managed to lose both. Apparently I had some fraying in the line and when the bite came and I lifted the rod to set the hook, all I came away with was line. The second time it happened I grabbed the end of the line and tugged. Yup, it was definitely frayed. Snapped off right in my hand. So I went up the line until it didn't break and re-rigged. 

About 11:30 I got another hit on that same rod and this on stayed on. I got it to shore and could see it was about a pound and a half. I put it back for someone else to catch. 

Now you're going to say, OK he says he caught three, but where are the pictures? I knew you would ask so here's the last one.   

pound and a half or so.  
Funny how this week they want rainbow Power Bait and the guys behind me said last week they wanted green Power Bait. Back in November they only wanted Power Eggs. 

I've got some new flavors of Power Eggs coming from Berkley. Maybe they will get here in time to try them out Thursday or Friday. Rain tomorrow and Wednesday. 

Stay tuned.  


  1. Mark
    I've found out the past couple of weeks fishing Walker County Lake that the lake trout there are taking a variety of fly patterns---so the same thing applies to the lake you fish, wonder if there is any kind of hatch on the lake during the winter? If we could figure out what the fish are eating all time it might make fishing boring??

    1. Hi Bill. These are all hatchery fed so I imagine they wouldn't know from a hatch. The ones I've taken on flies have all be streamers. Woolly Bugger variants mostly.

  2. Mark coffee prices are crazy. We have a few shops that offer any size cup for 99 cents.
    Two thumbs up on the fishing effort, and keep up the good work.