Friday, January 4, 2019

First Of The Year, Last For A While

Not to worry, I'll still be fishing.

This was the first trip for 2019 out to North Shore Lake Camanche. The place where I usually fish was a bit crowded.

Can you say "Combat Fishing"?
So I bypassed that spot for one a little farther out the North Shore peninsula.

My spot for the day
I set up one rod with rainbow Power Bait, as if you didn't already know that. On the other rod I put 3 green/clear with speckles Power Eggs.

I let that soak for an hour and then changed the green to white ones with the clear speckles. I put on fresh rainbow PB on the other one just in case.

An hour later I reeled in the Power Eggs and started throwing Kastmasters. Silver, silver/green, pink, silver/blue, and then the green Magic Bullet. Nope, nothing. 

Changed the white eggs to brown/clear with speckles and rainbow PB on the other.

Took another picture to show how far out on the peninsula I was. That's the very end just beyond my truck. The whole peninsula is only about 100 yards.

Well, it was a bust for the first day fishing in 2019. Actually, I didn't see anyone catch anything so I don't feel bad getting skunked.

Now, the second part of the title. It's going to rain. It's going to rain starting tomorrow morning and rain until, who knows. The desk person on the Noon news said we're going to get, and I quote "pounded". One of those "batten down your hatches" kind of storms we get every once in a while.

So it'll be a while before I can get out and fish again.

Stay tuned. 


  1. Mark
    I hope all that rain doesn't move east and dump a bucket or two on Jasper. We are soaked here, we finally get a break next week with some dry days.
    I have feeling Lake Camanche will start to get crowded as the weather improves.

  2. Mark there's no went out and gave it a good shot.