Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year

Mike over at Troutrageous! mentioned we should do a recap of 2018.

OK, here it is in a nutshell.

Fishing wise, it pretty much sucked. I don't think (without going back and counting) that I caught 10 fish this year.

Health wise, it pretty much sucked. Four doctors, Two X-Rays, one MRI and all they could tell me is that "until your hip tells you it's time for a replacement", you're going to hurt.

I'm going to fish anyway whether I hurt or not. Actually I don't hurt when I'm fishing, it's the next day that I pay the price.

Now the good part.......

After a week at windy Upper Lake my wife was convinced that the Inflate-A-Yak just wouldn't cut it. We got His & Hers Kayaks. You saw the picture. We've only been out once since we got them, but can't wait for it to warm up to get back on a lake.

The family welcomed my Great-Granddaughter Mavis Ranae Bonnie. We were over to my sons last Sunday and Mavis is just about as cute a baby as you can get.


Let see, what else?

Oh yea. The genealogy thing. Found out my Great Grandmother's name. Apparently none of my Great Grandfather's children knew their mother's name except Great Aunt Louise. Once we found the documentation showing that all the children (six that we knew about and two that we didn't) had the same mother, we had it nailed. More research to be done.

Fishing license. A lot of the locals still go to Walmart or Big 5 to get their new fishing license. It is so simple to do it online, I'm not sure why they still do it the old way. I got a notification from DFW that the 2019 licenses were available around the first week of December. Click on the link, enter your GOID number off your license. Click fishing license and second rod stamp and voila, it's in your mail box in 3 days. How easy is that? Even a caveman could do it.

I also have to mention our favorite commercial on TV. I know there are a million of them, but the GMC Black Friday commercial was #1. Click on the link.

OK, on to 2019. I'mmmmm back.


  1. Congrats on the new additions! That's always fun. Sounds like your genealogy is rolling now. That's great. Ditto on the health of 2018. It sucked. So, let's hope for better this year. Have a Happy New Year's day...

  2. Hey buddy sounds like a full year. Let's hope that 2019 has all the good and zero bad.

  3. Mark
    I have a feeling the fishing will improve for 2019, as for the scenery out your way it just doesn't get any better on some of those lakes you fish.
    Congrats on the great grandbaby, enjoy her they grow up fast!!