Monday, February 4, 2019

The Irony Of Genealogy

When I started this journey into my past, they (I don't know who "they" are) said that if you don't want to know the answer, don't do a DNA test.

You know, because you follow this blog, that I write about fish, in this blog I wrote about fish for the local paper, I wrote stories for Sport Fishing Weekly. I recently did an article for, and I chase fish,

I mentioned, back on November 1, 2017 the name of my paternal Grand-father. After 72 years, thinking this guy named Joseph Dory was my Grand-father, I find out my "real" Grand-father is Henry Joseph Fish. Yup, I'm a Fish . 

Image result for fish emoji
Yup, that;s me

I also know this to be true because I have several cousins that I'm DNA linked to that have him for a Grand-father. Ironic huh.

OK, mentioned my fish finder for my kayak. I got a Garmin Striker 4, 3.5" screen with all kinds of good stuff (I guess) like GPS, Chirp, and ipx7 what ever that is. I've put it together as a portable unit (I could have mounted it to the kayak, but you still need  place for the 12v battery) so I thought portable was the way to go. The transducer has a suction cup attached to it so you can stick it to the bottom of the kayak (inside the guy said) through one of two accesses (those round holes with a cap on it). For now, it's ready to go, but until it warms up a bit it'll sit on my other desk. Fill you in when I finally take it out.

Garmin Striker 4 with Transducer, 3.5" GPS Fishfinder with CHIRP Traditional Transducer
Garmin Striker 4

Fishing, maybe Thursday or Friday. Been raining since (seems like the beginning of the year) last Thursday night and is going to continue until tomorrow night. Might even get snow at La Casa Kautz elevation about 1200 ft.

OK, I think that's it for now.

Stay tuned. 


  1. A Fish...says so much.
    Mark rain is good.

  2. Fish eh??? That is funny. I'm do glad that you have the genealogy bug. I need to get back to it myself.