Monday, March 4, 2019

I Made It

OK, so I said I was going to go fishing on Friday. I lied. Actually I wasn't able to go because of something stupid I did on Thursday.

I'm not going to explain stupid, but what I will say is that when I do stupid, the next day I have a lot of trouble walking. You know, the hip and back arthritis thing. Friday was one of those days. 

So I rested over the weekend and went this morning. My first thought was to go out to Lake Amador and see if I could negotiate the side of the lake. It's fairly steep and mostly slippery shale.

When I got out there, wouldn't matter if I could negotiate it or not. The lake (due to the recent rains) was full of debris and the water was so dirty that if a fish would wander by your bait, it would probably miss it anyway. Besides, nobody seemed to be catching anything.

I took the picture below of the spillway. It had more water going over it than I think I've ever seen. Down stream the road to the dam runs right next to the drainage creek which was so high it was right next to the road.  A lot of "Flooded" signs around. 

Note the guys standing in the middle of the spillway. Not a bite.

Lake Amador Spillway

So I went with the old standby. Lake Camanche North Shore Day Use Area. The first picture below is yesterday's storm leaving.

On the way out
The next picture is tomorrow's storm coming in.

Wait, there's more
This is just the beginning of a 3 day drenching for Northern California. 

I set up on the little peninsula where I usually fish, but today I set up on the Lake side as opposed to the cove side.

Home for the morning
I put one rod out with rainbow Power Bait and the other with white Power Eggs at about 8;15. At 8:50 the first (and only) fish came to hand.

First fish of the day
A couple things to note, it weighted about 2 pounds. I noticed on the board at check-in that when they plant the fish are all 1 to 8 pounds, so a 2 pounder is not all that unusual, but you know that if you follow this blog. Since I wasn't keeping any fish today, I gave it to the guys behind me. They were fishless at the time. I did mention that they couldn't take credit for the fish, at least until I left. 

I might also note that this is only fish #2 this year. 

About 10:00, the sun came out, it got warm, and would have been great to kayak except mine was in the garage. We're getting closer to kayak weather. Need to try out the new fish finder. 

I called it a day at about 11:00 since I had a few errands to run. 

That's it for today. 

Stay tuned for more fishing fun. 


  1. That guy standing on that spillway has guts.
    Mark I'm happy you were able to fish. And must say that rainbow has quite an impressive tail. The rainbows you have been posting look like they have been in the lake for a while.

    1. Hi Alan. For the most part, they've been stocking since about October. When the fish get here from the hatchery, they are generally in good shape. Any holdovers will have the Copeod slime on them. Since this one didn't, it would be a recent stocker and probably put in within the last couple weeks.

  2. Mark
    I can't think of a better way to break the rainy weather; although it appears you guys out there are in the same mode as we are here---a few dry days and more rain for three or four days. Quality trout for sure, white power baits are the ones I use to when crappie fishing.

    1. Hi Bill. I have some white Power Bait, but seems they would prefer, when they prefer, white Power Eggs instead. Not sure what the difference is.

  3. Being it's a few days beyond when you wrote this, I hope the drenching is over and things begin to stabilize for your fishing.

  4. Nice catch! Wow, everybody is talking about how much its rained this year. I have a planned fishing trip in two weeks, hope it doesn't rain.