Monday, June 17, 2019

Camping At Barrett Cove Recreation Area Lake McClure

We had originally made reservations to camp here on May 16th thru May 19th. Two weeks prior to going, the weather guessers said sunshine and blue skies. The Saturday before the 15th, they changed to rain Thursday thru Sunday the exact same 4 days we planned on spending there. So we rescheduled for this past weekend. As it turned out, it started raining on Wednesday and rained everyday through the following week. A weather report is only as good as their guess, weather guessers. 

We got to Barrett Cove about 2:00 pm on Friday. We were scheduled to stay at spot C-15. We drove around for about a half an hour and couldn't find C-Loop. 15 minutes or so of that half hour was spent just trying to find a place just to turn a truck and trailer around.

Finally we went back to the beginning and when we found B-Loop I turned and low and behold a block or so up the road was C-Loop. AND we had a map of the place and still had trouble finding it. Wandered up the road until we found 15 and this is what it looked like.   

Space C-15

From the other side

You all know the phrase "If it's Summer, California is on fire". I've got to tell you, this place is a fire waiting to happen. Just look at the photo's below.

To the left of the trailer

Down the side

To the right

To the far right
Dry grass, hot weather, and all you need is some idiot to make a small spark.

BUT, they do give you a bear box to store your coolers. think the one below would keep a bear out?

Bear Box
I don't think it would keep a 5 year old out. OH yeh, prime Rattlesnake country.

Then there is the lake. There are two launch areas. 

From Launch are #1

On the road to launch area #!
Launch area #1
The launch ramp is at a 45 degree angle. I guess it's OK to launch a boat, but I'd be scared to try and launch kayaks from here. Not only because of the steepness, but the constant in and out of boats being launched and pulled out. Not counting the people who park on the side of the ramp (for what reason I have no clue) and jam it up including the Sheriff Department's truck and trailer. 

So we decided to go over to the marina and see if we could launch there. We found a ramp, not as steep, but only one lane (with cars parked along the edge, again) and boats in and out almost constantly. In stead of launching the kayaks, we opted for a burger & fries for lunch at the marina store. 

Later that day Katherine and I had a discussion about the kayaks up on the rack on top of the truck. Not a problem getting the kayaks down, but putting them back up would definitely be a problem. She just doesn't have the strength. 

Conclusion: We take the kayaks if we have someone to help put them up on the rack after using them (like somebody young) or go somewhere we can put them in the back of the truck instead of the rack.   


End of story. 


  1. Bummer. Sorry it wasn't a better experience. I thought that bear box was an outhouse... LOL!

  2. Mark what a nightmare. Lesson learned the hard way.

  3. Thats Just terrible. I would expect more just like you.

  4. Mark
    Bad thought here; but getting trapped in this place when a fire sets in would be a nightmare!!!