Saturday, June 29, 2019

Yakking on White Pines Lake

Since Lake McClure was such a disaster, we decided to take the kayaks up to White Pines Lake. If you've followed this blog for any length of time you know I've been up there before.

Last time Yuki and I were up there it was a 25 to 30 fish (little Bluegills) day. I was anticipating such a day again.

Katherine and I took our time getting up there since it was Saturday. We left home about 10:10 and were at the lake about 11:15. It's really isn't very far from the house. We were on the water in the "his and hers" kayaks and I had a line in the water as soon as I cleared the launch.

It was just that, a line in the water. I fished near the reeds, out in the middle, at the far end, and just about everywhere else. NOTHING. Not one little Gill to be found.

I would suspect that because of all the people out there and there were a BUNCH, every fish in the lake was probably hiding as best as they can.

Double click to make the pictures larger so you can see the crowd.

The picnic area

By the dam

More picnic area

The one on the left is Katherine

A bit crowded

A lot of SUP's on the lake

This trip was a two fold trip. One, get used to the kayaks, try out the Yakgrips that Mike "Troutrageous!" recommended (and they worked awesome I have to say) and scope out the lake and take pictures for some friends who are going up there next weekend. 

Next weekend is 4th of July weekend. You think it was crowded this weekend, Huh, wait until then. 

Oh, did I mention I caught a small, about 9" Rainbow. No I didn't take a picture. Yes, I know that the proof is in the picture, but would this face lie to you?

That's it, I got out, I yakked, and I fished. All in all a pretty nice Saturday. 


  1. Markt
    Just beginning out a beautiful lake is a plus---really off limits for the 4th.

  2. Your finally getting out.

  3. Crowd or not, looks like a great way to spend some outside time. I hear you on NEXT weekend though... (Glad the paddle grips worked for you!)