Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy 4th Everybody

No Confucius jokes this year. Just a picture of the old guy.

No watching fireworks for me this year. Last night we listened to the local fireworks while laying in bed reading a book. Damn, I must be getting old. Crowds annoy me anyway.

In case you don't get to see any, here...........

Fourth of July - Independence Day: History & Facts |

Monday, Yuki and I are taking a little drive up to Lower Blue Lake to see if enough snow has melted and we can actually get there. Upper Blue Lake is closed all year for Dam repairs. That's a bummer. 

I'm sure Yuki will want to stop at Woods lake and fish the creek, so fly rods are in order. 

Our next camping trip is Hope Valley the weekend of the 18th so there should be some fishing then. 

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures. Boy was that corny. 

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