Friday, July 12, 2019

I Need Some Input

I started Northern California Trout on January 7, 2009. The original intent was to tell local fishermen what I was catching, where I was catching it, and what I was using for bait.

Northern California Trout has since morphed into a Global blog. I've posted about fishing, my ancestry, and some other stuff through the years.

Now it seems that Social Media is where everybody is establishing their "adventures". Don't get me wrong, there are still some who blog on a consistent basis, but it seems that blogging has taken a back seat to Social Media. I've mentioned many times in posts and comments that I don't Facebook, Twitter, or Insta-something mainly because I just don't want to. I have a Facebook account, but I only use it for finding relatives like my cousins in Florida.

It's not that I don't have an audience. OK, I have 99 followers listed. I'm not sure how many of those still "follow". I've posted 1140 times and have had more than 700,000 hits from all over the world. Most from the US and most recently the Netherlands and Germany. And believe me I appreciate each and every one of those who stop by to read what I write.

I get a comment or two on each post, but really doesn't tell me what YOU think of Northern California Trout. So, you're from another country. So, you don't speak English. No Big, I have cousins in Germany that I talk to on almost a daily basis and several of them don't speak English. We converse in German. Google Translate is a wonderful thing. 

That said, my .com is due to expire in January. I waffling between renewing it or letting it go which will be the end of Northern California Trout.

I need some input from those of you that are following as to whether I should keep or let go Northern California Trout. I have about 6 months to make that decision. I'd like to hear what you have to say.

Thanks in advance,

Mark/Shoreman/ Dad, Grandpa, and Great-Grandpa.   


  1. Hi Mark
    I've been following Northern California Trout for 9 years now and, although I haven't left a comment in some time, everyone of your posts have been read and appreciated. We all have our own reasons for blogging and eventually calling it quits is inevitable.
    Several years ago I lost the passion for posting. It didn't seem to make sense putting in all the effort to post when I kept telling the same story. With that said, I spend my mornings with a pot of coffee, catching up on what my Blogger "friends" are up to.
    Whatever you decide Mark, remember you and your effort over the last decade are appreciated and will be missed.

  2. Hi Mark,
    As a blogger myself (at Rivertop Rambles) I have to echo dead fisher in saying that, ultimately, the decision to continue or not is your own, based on your satisfaction or lack thereof when posting. Like you, I have no desire to use the social media. Blogging is important, however, because I enjoy writing & getting some feedback from it. Bottom line, though, is I don't want to repeat myself or my subject matter idiotically. I'll continue as long as I can find some new angle or interesting idea to write about within the framework of my theme. I think it's up to you to decide whether or not you can maintain interest for yourself & for your readers. I, for one, enjoy your California outdoor reflections. Take your time, enjoy your outings, and I wish you all the best.


    1. Hi Walt. I just wanted to pass along that I follow Rivertop Rambles, but can't comment because, for some reason, Wordpress and I don't get along and it won't let me do comments.

  3. Hello Mark,
    I agree with the previous comments.I have enjoyed this blog.

  4. Hey Mark,

    I get your posts through Feedly, so even if I don’t drop by, I catch ‘em all. Just haven’t been doing much myself (Need to get the dust off the fly rods!). It is a conundrum - blog vs. social. I’ve shifted to FB and IG for the most part and now “micro blog.” But I’ve kept my domain for now as it costs very little, though I know host my blog on to eliminate hosting costs. Big pain to move everything, though. In the end it’s up to you, but your stories would be missed here.

  5. Mark,

    Blog ,blog,blog.
    We are going through a rough stretch. I know that although the comments may fall of the daily page views are very good. Stay with it as long as you enjoy it...

  6. keep it going . I like being able to ask you questions On fishing Locations and because your from Jackson . you know most of the rivers That I fish in your area. . we fisherman need to stay together. with us we would all succumb to social Media lies and fake stoies

  7. I enjoy your blog. I hope you decide to continue it

  8. Mark
    Suggestion----don't stop blogging all together, because I would miss you and your post. Keep it active and post when you're in the mood or have the time to work up a post. I guess you notice I don't post as much as I use to, time is the reason.

  9. Mark
    I started Becks and Brown trout in 2010 . I echo all of your thoughts on how social media is changing . Also how blog feedback is dropping away , Always good to see your comments on my blog though. I have given my blog a lot of thought in the last year or two and wonder if I should le it go . I guess the conclusion I have drawn is that for all that the media is less popular than it was , personally I still enjoy writing it and thats why I do it . I guess it was the blog that made me write more and in the last year have had short pieces published in magazines. I suppose for me its become a diary and a place to experiment . Also I think I would be just plain sad to see it go. Truth is its nice t have somewhere to be able to state an opinion wthout some keyboard warrior having a pop , if you had joined a fishing forum you would understand what I mean.

    Hope you continue , I enjoy your posts.


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  11. Well... Now just because Howard took off in retirement, doesn't mean that the rest of us have to!! I am back after a couple of months off. I had plenty of things to write about... Just not enough time to sit and write. So, I come up on my renewal in August. The only thing that keeps my blog going is readers. And I think that I still have a few??? Haha. Hope you stay. Much love, RD.

  12. You're a guy who likes to fish and likes to write. Let your writing, like your fishing, be it's own reward. I write some stuff occasionally and have no idea if anyone sees it, but I like doing it. FB is too "here & gone" though much of it is better gone. When I wanna' read something with some substance I look for these blogs, like yours. I should probably comment some. Hope you stick with it. (...and I still wonder where the heck WK&TL Howard went).