Tuesday, July 9, 2019

It Started Out As A Recon Mission

Katherine and I are heading up to Hope Valley the weekend of the 18th thru the 21st. Since we've had so much snow this past Winter, I wanted to do a recon mission to see if 1, we can get up to Lower Blue Lake (Upper is closed for the year) and find the launch ramp.

Mission accomplished.

2, find out if fires are still allowed in the campground fire pits. Campground host said fires OK.

Mission accomplished.

So on the way back from Lower Blue we stopped at the West Fork of the Carson up the road aways from the campground and floated a few flies. Unfortunately too much terrain for me to negotiate so we went to a spot across from the campground. Met a gentleman from Gardenerville (that's in Nevada) who said the creek was planted the previous week and kids were catching and releasing "tons" of Rainbows using a green Powerworm and a jig head. We couldn't find a single fish.

Plan B - We headed back toward town and made a quick stop just to look at Red Lake. It was closed last Summer because of Toxic Algae Bloom, but open now. Might have to bring up the kayak and fish the back for Brookies. That's another time.

Plan C - Stop at Woods Lake and fish Woods Creek. Other than the outlet from the lake, it was too much for me to negotiate, but try I did. Only found a couple small places to drop in a fly. I took my 6wt, but my 3wt. would have been much better.

So, we're (Yuki & I) are standing at the outlet and Yuki is drifting a nymph under an indicator. Not much happening, but there was a fish breaking the surface right where he was drifting. Guess the fish didn't want a nymph. So I (being the gentleman I am. No booing or hissing please) let Yuki drift there 6 or 8 times and then I dropped a green Stimulator in a size 14 just in front of the fish. Second cast and a small (about 8 inch) Rainbow was brought to hand and promptly released. Sorry, no picture. My camera battery was dead and my phone was in the truck.

But before the camera battery died, I did get a picture of Yuki fishing for that Rainbow in the shot below. 

Yuki in the spot
And I managed a shot of the lake with the snow capped mountains in the background.

Woods Lake

I might mention that the temperature (remember this was yesterday July 8th) was 57 degrees with the wind coming off those beautiful snow capped mountains. Yes, it was a bit chilly upcountry yesterday.

Well, that's it for this adventure. If I don't get out before the 18th, Katherine and I will be back up here along with her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend. Should be some good pictures. 

Stay tuned. 


  1. It's amazing to see snow still holding on. I take it that small rainbow was wild, thought being they don't stock them that small.

    1. Hi Alan. I don't have any indication that they have planted Woods Lake this year so my guess would be wild.