Saturday, August 31, 2019

Upper Lake Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Tuesday turned out to be a wine tasting day. After getting up late and having a late breakfast, we (Katherine, Me, Ken, & Ranae) piled into the truck and headed toward the few wineries in the area. Lake County has many, but they are scattered all over the county.

First stop was a wine and olive olive oil tasting place. Couple of bottles of wine and a couple bottles of olive oil and we were off to the next place.

Second stop was not so good. Wine wasn't to our liking and the prices were steep.

Back on the road, the option was lunch and another winery (somewhere in the county) or lunch back at the park. We chose the park. It's a democratic society, camping is.

Hills are recovering after the fires last year

You can see the same section from another angle

The other side of the lake
While everybody sat around, I went down to the dock and soaked some more PB. Add one more trout to the list (now 3). Another sunset and the day was done.

Wednesday morning found me out in the kayak attempting to get a Thin Mint down far enough to entice a fish. I guess it just wasn't anything they wanted. So I attached myself to the dock and threw out some PB. Add fish #4 to the list. .

Later in the day the Bass (some quite huge) started circling a fish ball of, I'm guessing a shad of some type. Every once in a while they would dive through and the shad would scatter just like you see on national Geographic. The best photo I could get in the one below.

Fish Ball
If you double click and make it big you can see hundreds of small fish swimming in a circle. I have a video on my phone that I'll add to another post as soon as I can figure out how to get it to where I can show you.

Later that day while dinner (Tri-Tip, we eat well on vacation) was on the BBQ, I walked down to the lake right by the trailer. I figured if the fish were over by the dock, why wouldn't they be over here?

Wednesday fishing spot
Just a simple, throw out the rod and set on the bait bag, wait and see what happens.

Here is what happened:

Fish numbers 5 & 6.

This was our 6th year camping at Upper Lake. I guess you can say I now have a fish for each of those 6 years. The Tri-Tip was excellent along with home grown tomato's and Mozzarella with Balsamic Vinegarette dressing.

And, of course, ending the day with a sunset picture.

We'll be back next year.  Our reservations are already set starting 8/30/2020 for 5 days.

Our next trip is the North Coast Redwoods in 11 days.

With that, I'll leave you with a couple of extra photos.

Crane on the fishing dock. Dinner????

Ken & Ranae

Their motor home

The swimming dock
That's it for this trip. 

Hendy Woods State Park, next stop. 

Stay tuned. 


  1. Cool vacation, Mark, tinged with wines of varying quality & thin mints for the trout, plus inspirational sunsets to boot. Glad it all worked out!

  2. Mark
    It's always good to land fish while vacationing. The wine tasting is an added bonus. Thanks for sharing

  3. Sounds like a relaxing getaway. Friends, fish, food...a little wine... Perfection! Looking forward to more from the redwoods!