Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The Out Of Control Garden

Bill Trussell asked if I could share some pictures of tomatoes in the cage.

Last year we planted 11 tomato plants. We supplied the whole neighborhood with tomatoes and froze a bunch. From those frozen ones, my wife made Tomato Jam this year.

This will give you some idea of what it looks like:

Tomato Jam
It's not jam you would put on toast for breakfast, but on a hamburger or scrambled eggs. WOW. Nothing can top it.

I made 4 boxes out of 2x12 Redwood boards and some wire cages to hold the plants up. Those wire things you get at Lowe's don't even come close to hold up these plants. 

In the back left box, on the left is Cupcake Squash. Next to it is Poblano peppers and on the right is Jalapeno peppers. Left in the front is Winter Squash. Right side back (that you can't see) is Roma tomatoes and Japanese Eggplant. Front right has 3 tomato plants (you keeping track? that's 4 tomato plants). Yellow, Beefsteak, and Chocolate Sprinkles (a cherry tomato).

The beginning June 19th
Then we'll move along to July 10th.

July 10th. 
By then we were into squash, tomatoes, and peppers.

Cupcake Squash same day 7/10
Interesting squash. Cut it in half, dig out the seeds, coat the inside with salt and let it drain. Wash out the salt and then fill it with hamburger or as we like to, sausage (of various flavors) and bake in the oven or on the BBQ. We have 2 Cupcake squash plants and we've harvested (I haven't kept count) maybe 35 and I have another half dozen to pick this morning. Yes, the neighborhood has been "squashed". 



Wanted you to see one days take (in the basket) there are all 4 types mentioned above. But on that date, this big yellow one showed up. The red one next to it is a normal sized Beefsteak. This one was about the size of a softball and a half. Huge by yellow tomato standards.

Yesterday Morning
While we were gone over the weekend, our neighbors across the street (who mind the cats) picked everything ripe in the garden. Yesterday morning there was another basket full. 

We've been eating tomatoes with Mozzarella cheese and Balsamic Vinaigrette for almost every meal. You can't top fresh tomatoes right from the garden. 

This morning
This morning I took the shot above. That's after I trimmed a bunch off the top of the tomato plants. The cage is 2 ft x 4 ft x 6 feet tall. All that growing into the back yard is the Winter squash. Three types, Butternut, Acorn, and Buttercup. We found the key to Winter squash is when the stem is brown the squash is ready for picking. Soon, very soon. 

The peppers, wife made pickled Jalapeno's and bread & butter Jalapeno's. A hit by all who were lucky enough to get a jar. The Poblano's ? She done something with them because they're gone, but I don't know what.   

So that's the Out Of Control Garden. Oh yeh, what's out secret? We use the same dirt as the Pot growers upcountry use. Very good stuff although you won't find any pot here. Coincidentally the dirt has a very heavy cow shit smell. 

Fishing one of these days, 

Stay tuned.    


  1. ok beautiful work of garden at home very relaxing. good luck.

  2. Mark that's a fine garden. Great yield from such a small place.
    Tomatoes and peppers are my favorites.

  3. Mark
    UNREAL----I've got to try this next year. I have a place in my back yard that would work for the tomatoes and squash. I did some peppers this year in some of my wife's flower pots.
    So the wire fence surrounds all the tomatoes at the side and top. Do you have any trouble with birds getting to them? Unreal four tomatoes plants producing that kind of bounty. Thanks for sharing