Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The Garden Is Toast

We've come to the end of the growing season. Three mornings of frost and the "Out of control" garden is gone.


Quite a difference between July and yesterday morning. 

What's left went into the green recycle bin and the 6 or so Winter Squash are finishing their ripening cycle on the counter in the kitchen. 

The Freedom Express is officially gone and insurance payment has been made. Now all we have to do is find one we like as well as we did the Freedom Express since they don't make that model any more and buying a used one is out of the question. Won't camp in someone else's dirt. 

Downcountry lakes should be cold enough to plant soon, so maybe fishing shortly. As I get older, I have less desire to fish in the freezing cold than I used to, which explains why I've not be fishing upcountry. Lake Tahoe, which is lower than most of the upcountry lakes, was 12 degrees this morning. 

So stay tuned. Won't e long before I have a "real" fishing post. 

Happy Halloween everyone. 


  1. Mark
    Good while it lasted, growing season will be here again before we know it. When you get our age time is on a fast track.

  2. All good things come to an end. Winter squash, most varieties are favorites of mine. Wet, very wet here in CT. Trout are loving it.

  3. we get old and lazy every year it hurts a little more cold winter, right?