Friday, December 27, 2019

Only The Lonely

Christmas Eve 2019.

My wife was working so as I usually do at times like these, I went fishing.

Hey, got to do something to ward off the shack nasties.

Wasn't too cold that morning. Maybe 42 when I left home. At the lake is was about the same, but no wind blowing so the chill factor wasn't bad.

Got set up right at 0900 and put out two rods with rainbow Power Bait. What else!

Then I started to look around to see if anyone was catching anything. Sounds like I was in a fog, but was just concentrating on getting set up. There was NOBODY out there. I had the whole of North Shore to myself. I decided to fish in the cove where I usually do.


That way either
I had a cup of coffee from the little coffee shop on the way. For future reference it's called Java Drive. So I just got into a Zen state and sipped my coffee. Thought I got a bite on the left rod, but didn't feel any tug when I picked it up, so I just left it.

About 0930 I did get a bite on my little Okuma rod that was on the right and brought this, about 13" Rainbow to the shore. I wasn't planning to keep anything, in fact I didn't even bring a net.

Mt Lassen Rainbow
So I sent it back for someone else another day.

On it's way back into the lake. 
That was it. I pulled in the other rod, but it didn't have any bait on it. Maybe it was a bite. Put new bait on both and sat.  

Hung around until about 1130 and then headed for a burger and fries for lunch. 

No weird Cormorant experiences this trip. 

I already have my license for 2020, but there might be one or two more trips this year.

Stay tuned.


  1. Mark
    This trout could be the beginning of a good year for 2020---just wondering if the drag engaged while landing this healthy rainbow? When I'm fishing my miro-lights I usually have the drag set light just in case I connect with a quality fish. My 4 lb. test can snap fairly quite if I don't take notice of the drag setting.

    1. Hi Bill. This wasn't more than about a pound or pound and a Half at most. Even on the little Okuma it didn't pull the drag although I do have it set somewhat light.

  2. Lonely perhaps. But it was a very positive way to close 2019...