Friday, January 24, 2020

A Day Of Dead Batteries

It's Friday so I decided to head out to Lake Camanche and soak some Power Bait. What Friday has to do with it opposed to any other day, I have no idea. Just threw that in there.

Got to the lake about 9:00 after stopping for coffee at Java Drive. Set up at the same spot I've been in for the last three trips out there and put out one rod with rainbow Power Bait and the other with Hatchery Pellet Power Bait.

Then the waiting began.

Took a few shots with my camera just to show I wasn't alone.

To the point

Reuben in the green jacket

Far off fisherpeople
With the way the last two trips went, I waited until 10:00 for the first bite. If you remember, the last two times I was out there the first bite came at exactly 10:00.

When I left home my camera had 2/3 power. Figured that would be enough for the day. When I got the first bite, which was NOT exactly 10:00 (more like 9:45) it was a biggie. Was on the rainbow Power Bait.

About 5 pounds
Got the camera out for the "proof of catch" picture and the battery showed DEAD. Took the picture anyway and luckily it came out.

Next was to get out the handy dandy Berkeley Digital Scale and that battery was dead too, so no positive weight. 

That was it for the day. Only saw one other little one caught by the guys at the point. I only caught one, but one was enough. 

When I got home, I put in the backup battery in the camera so I could transfer the pictures and that battery was dead to. 

Now both camera batteries are charged (you know this by the fact that you are viewing the photo's) and new batteries are in the handy dandy Berkeley Digital Scale for the next time I catch a "biggie". 

That's it for today. 

Stay tuned.  


  1. "one and done" I know the feeling. Now for the batteries. Well to have so many dead ones to happen in the same day has to be a record.
    I think I may have said this before, that lake water is so clear. Do you ever take a water temp?

    1. I usually do when I'm in the kayak, but not normally fishing from shore. Next time out I'll take my thermometer and let you know.

  2. Mark
    Glad you got that the pic, man that is some trout---what do you think the length was?? The old saying one fish can a make a trip and in your case it proved true!! Congrats!

  3. Oh... The fun of hiccups on a fishing adventure. Makes life interesting! Glad you got the one photo anyway! Hope life is treating you well out there.

  4. In any case, however, you have good luck in being able to fish even if it is a single trout, it is also a good trophy, right ..?

    1. Hi Armando. I hope you get this, my internet has been down. A couple post ago I mentioned losing the perspective of big trout. I've caught so many that this is just another 5# trout. Would be a trophy for many not so much for me.