Saturday, January 18, 2020

Hello, Anybody There?

Saturday morning at La Casa Kautz and I decided to give my wife a morning without me under foot.

Got up early, loaded the truck with the necessary fishing accouterments and with the temperature at a nice freezing 32 degrees, headed for Lake Camanche.

When I got to the lake it was a balmy 42 degrees, but temperature wasn't the problem. If I hadn't been familiar with the lake, would have completely missed it in the fog.

Can you find the lake?
Set up two rods with rainbow Power Bait and threw them out somewhere. Barely could see your hand in front of you face. OK, wasn't quite that bad at lake side or I probably would have parked my truck in the lake. Did I mention my wife calls me Mr. Exaggeration?

In 42 degrees, I had my parka on, gloves, ball cap, ear muffs, yes ear muffs, and in my gloves, chemical had warmers and I still froze. 

To bolster my frozen body I also had a cup of coffee from Java Drive and a couple glazed donuts. 

And there I sat. I think there were other people out there, but I couldn't see them. Like fishing blind. 

Alright, I'll stop with the super fog stuff. It wasn't quite that bad. I could see all around the cove and out the peninsula, barely, but it was still freezing. I'm getting wimpy in my old age.

I watched the other people and no one was getting any bites. Quiet as a mouse out there. Then right at 10:00 just like a week ago yesterday I got the first bite. Oh, forgot to mention I replaced one rod with a Power Bait called Hatchery Pellet and fresh rainbow on the other. If you haven't seen Hatchery Pellet Power Bait it's a solid color dark brown. Looks kind of like poop in a jar. 

The bite came on the Hatchery Pellet, but it was just a bite and then gone. While I was reeling in that rod, I got a bite on the other one. I think what happened is the fish hit the Hatchery Pellet and when I didn't pick up the rod fast enough (hard to sometimes with gloves on) he went on to the next one. 

I turned out to be a Mt Lassen Rainbow about 14 inches and maybe a pound or pound and a half. I gave to the guys at the end of the peninsula. 

That was it. No more bites for me or the others. I think I got the only fish of the day, but it was a fish and once again I avoided the skunk.   

I got out, froze, had trouble walking on the rocks, but I did catch one. A good day over all. 

Stay tuned. 


  1. Mark
    Get up and get out, that's what keeps us older individuals going-glad you made a connection. Take heart Spring will be here before we know it!

  2. No just us bloggers.
    Getting out of Misses way paid off.

  3. with so cold it is seen that for me it would be impossible to fish .....!