Friday, January 10, 2020

If You're Going To Start Fishing 2020 This Is The Way To Do It

My wife had the day off work and was off to Folsom to a quilting class present she got for her birthday last month.

I had the option of staying at the house and being a Haus Frau (that's German for house wife) or doing something else. What would you have done?

I went fishing of course.

You all know I have this arthritis problem in my back and hips, but I also have something called peripheral neuropathy. About 20 years ago my toes started to get numb. Doctor said I should wear more comfortable shoes. As time went on, the numbness spread through my feet and up my legs. Next doctor sent me to a Neurologist and he diagnosed it as peripheral neuropathy. He said about 40% of people that have it, don't know why.  It has currently stopped just below my knees. Some years later, in the hospital recovering from a heart attack I mentioned to a nurse about it and she asked questions.

Back in the 80's I worked for an oil company.

When I worked for that company, one of the processes we had was to remove writing on the drums with Acetone and re-stencil with what ever information needed to be on the drum. We did this without wearing gloves because we didn't know any better. She said that was why. Now I'm in the 60%. Doesn't change anything. There is no cure.

As recently as a month ago I started having trouble with my right foot. Thought I stepped on a rock or something when I was out at Camanche in December and maybe bruised my foot. Not the case. It's just the neuropathy getting worse.

After all that, what I'm getting at is that walking on anything other than a flat surface is extremely hard, BUT I'm not going to let a little thing like not being able to walk very well stop me from fishing.

So, as my wife left for her quilting class, I left for North Shore Camanche. Got there about 9:15 and put out two rods with rainbow Power Bait. Since it's almost impossible to stick a rod holder in the ground out there I did the usual "lean the rods against the tacklebox" trick. 

Lean the rods against the tacklebox
Scanned the lake to see if anyone else was there and there were a few to my left.

They  are there, might have to make the picture bigger
Next to me was an old friend I haven't seen since last Winter. Reuben fishes North Shore regularly and over time we've become friends.
Rueben is down that way, but that isn't his truck.
Back to fishing. The first bite of 2020 came at exactly 10:00. A nice little 14 inch Mt Lassen Rainbow. Since I don't keep what I catch, I gave it to Reuben. Sorry, didn't think of taking a photo.

Continued to soak Power Bait and between 10 & Noon, I caught 2 more that I also gave to Reuben. Both were pretty good sized. Maybe a couple pounds. Again no photo's. It seems to be a bit of trouble trying to reel in a fish, stand with my cane, get a net under the fish, and whip out the phone for a photo all at the same time. You'll just have to take my word for it. After all, would this fisherman lie to you?

I decided to call it a day at Noon. Packed up my chair, put the tackle boxes in the truck and reeled in the rods. First one zipped right in. Second one was a bit of a struggle. There seemed to be a fish on the line I didn't even notice was there. Turned out to be the biggest of the day coming in at about 3 pounds.   

Surprise !!!!

Yup, about 3 pounds
It's kind of sad when you don't get excited any more with a 2, 3, or 4 pound fish. Seems when most of the fish you catch are that size you lose perspective.

A hell of a way to start a new year. Happy 2020. I hope the rest is just as good. 

Stay tuned. 


  1. Hey Mark thumbs up on getting out. I don't have what you do but I can relate. There are days when I get home and my feet are in serious pain.
    Enough with the senior stuff.
    Hefty trout, a beautiful blue sky, January is not bad.

  2. Yup Mark, you've lost perspective. :-) Nice fish. Most of ours are around 10-12" in the streams this time of year. I can relate to the nerve problems.

  3. Good fishing Mark, and you see through the photo that it is quite difficult to walk on the stone, even for normal people. happy 2020

  4. Mark
    Back here in Jasper below the Smith Lake Dam where the trout is located; the bigger trout you landed would have been a trophy. By the way keep fishing as long as you can put one foot in front of the the other. I dread the day when I have to give this great sport up. Thanks for sharing