Wednesday, April 15, 2020

An Update

There are rumors going around that opening day of trout season (April 25th) is not going to happen. Apparently the DFW are putting their heads together via video conference and deciding what to do. I'll just have to wait and see.

By the time this Covid-19 has passed for this year, the trout fishing downcountry will be gone and the upcountry trout fishing will probably still be closed. My fishing rods that live in the garage (not my fly rods) are starting to get cobweb's on them as are my tackle boxes.

The family is doing fine. Everybody is adhering to the "house arrest" dictum by Governor Newsom with the exception of my son who goes to work every once in a while to dust off his desk. By going to work, I mean going to his office in Rancho Cordova. He's on 24/7/365 the rest of the time via phone/text/video conference whatever.

As promised to Alex at a site called Your Bass Guy a shout out is in order. If you're a Bass kind of guy, you might want to drop in and say Hi. He has a lot of information for Bass fisherpersons like gear, where, how, etc. I offered him my knowledge of trout fishing if he was willing to come to the "dark side". So take a look. 

Went to Lowe's last, what ever day that was (kind of confusing having my wife home. When she works I don't have trouble keeping track of the days. With her home [temporarily until the casino reopens] I have to use my brain to figure out what day it is or what day it was) and bought a 1800psi pressure washer. I've been working every other day removing all the crud on the back walkway and the moss on retaining blocks. I work one day and rest the next. Today I have two more sections and then I'm done. Next is the garden. I mixed in a couple bags of cow shit the other day and am waiting for some of the smell to go away before planting.

One would think this is the perfect time to work on the Genealogy, but I'm somewhat burned out for now. Besides who want to be in the house when it's 70 degrees with sunshine and blue skies outside.

That's it for now.

Stay tuned for more exciting "house arrest" adventures.


  1. Mark . Over here in the UK season start dates vary a little by Region but locally it was the 25th march. Our COVID lock down has specifically excluded fishing of any sort. I think that things will be extended here until the end of May. I feel your pain. It was the first time in over 30 years I have not fished on opening day.

  2. Mark, cow dung is the best fertilizer and if you buy the 100% organic stuff there's no smell.
    Hang in there buddy.

    1. Hi Alan. I did buy some that didn't smell (that was literary license use) and had some weed killer and other stuff in it. I'm good.

  3. Better to get the cow shit from lowes than direct from the source i guess. social distancing, you know...

  4. Mark
    Who would have thought discussing cow shit instead of fishing??
    Oh well, better than thanking about the current situation.