Friday, May 15, 2020

Nobody But Me

A week or so ago they opened Lake Camanche. Word I had from Yuki (He's on top of these things) is that North Shore was open to Amador County Residents and South Shore to Calaveras County Residents. OK, works for me.

So last Monday (5/11) I hopped into my truck with the intention of finding a spot to try our maiden voyage in the new (and never used yet) camping trailer. Got all the way out there and as I crossed Camanche Parkway North, the main road into North Shore, there was a big sign that said "NO CAMPING". Well poop. Once again camping hopes smashed into smithereens.

I stopped at check-in and chatted with the guy there and found out day use and fishing was open as long as you followed the "social distancing" rules. I can do that.   

Yesterday I drove out, paid my fishing fee, (he never checked my ID) and drove out to the peninsula where I usually fish. The closer I got the more I realized there wouldn't be any problem with "social distancing". There wasn't anyone out there at all.

I set two rods out with rainbow Power Bait and proceeded to read a book. I wasn't expecting any bites anyway.
Rods out in the usual manner
Cloudy, overcast, and about 55 degrees. Perfect for hanging out at the lake.

I usually use two towels when fishing. One wet and one dry. When I dunked the one in the lake to get it wet, I noticed the lake was quite warm. It's been in the 80's and close to 90 for the last couple weeks. This told me two things. One, the fish are deep and two, deep is way out. So instead of fishing one rod close and one out a ways, I put both out as far as I could with a 1/2 oz. sinker.

I can get pretty close to 200 feet off shore with a good cast.

Book, coffee from Java Drive, and I was set. This was about 9:30.

Right at 10:30 the rod on the left dipped as in "bite". I had my nose in the book and almost missed it. I picked up the rod and waited to see if it continued to bite. When nothing else happened I slowly reeled in and one of two things happened. Either he got the Power Bait or a fish just bumped the line like has happened so many times out there. Either way there wasn't any fish on the line.

No one across the peninsula

No one out to the point

No one to the left
Just me. "Social Distancing" to the max.

Based on how warm the water was at the shore, I think we're done trout fishing downcounty for this year.

Maybe next week I'll give Cat Creek another try

Stay tuned.


  1. Mark you have had several setbacks in your attempt to try out your new camper.
    At least your able to get out and fish.

  2. Mark
    Peaceful setting fish or no fish, can you give us the typical combo you use and how you rig the combo to fish there? Glad you made it out of of quarantine

  3. You almost missed catching a fish because you were reading. Ha! keep one eye on the bobber at all times!! Hope all is well...