Tuesday, June 9, 2020

I'm Back Somewhat

I was going fishing this morning come hell or high water. Back on May 15th I thought I'd be able to get up to Cat Creek the following week. Took me until today to do it. This Covid-19 is screwing everything up.

My wife went back to work yesterday so I figured it was time to get off my butt and go fishing.

Left at 8:15 and stopped by Java Drive for a cup of coffee and their machine was broke. Was this an omen? Zipped in to Safeway and filled up the truck and headed for the hills.

Got to Cat Creek and put my 3wt together. Stocked my vest with dry flies and walked all 25 feet down to the pool below the bridge. 

3 wt

Pool below the bridge on Cat Creek
First cast, hit, miss. Second cast, hit, miss. Boy am I out of shape. Took me about 6 hits until I finally brought one to hand.
First fish 
 Then I caught the second one.
Didn't get a picture of the second one so I used the first one again. 
 Then I got the third one.
Still the first fish
For some reason I had trouble holding on to the rod, the fish, and getting the camera (on my phone) out for a picture. Seems they weren't hooked very well and flopped back in the pond before I could get the shot.

After maybe another half dozen misses, I packed up and headed for the Cosumnes River at the bridge. Figured I'd fish the pools below the bridge before heading upstream. 

The Pool below the bridge
 Got a couple misses in that pool and made my way to the pool below the pool below the bridge.

To the right


To the left.
 Got a lot of misses, but managed to bring a few to hand.

Snap and back in the pool.
I had forgotten that the fish in these pools have a clock. As usual at exactly 11:00 the bite stopped. I was using an Orange Stimulator, Green Sloan's Paralyzer, and a yellow Parachute something.

Since I wasn't getting any interest in the lower pool I made my way back up toward the truck. Stopped and took a picture of the falls under the bridge and into the pool below.

Pool under the bridge
Since I still had the yellow Parachute Something on my rod, I did one last cast in this pool and sure enough, I missed the hit. That was it for the day. I was too worn out to attempt upstream. Maybe another day.

As best as I can remember (it's hell getting old) I brought a half dozen to hand and probably missed a couple dozen. Just not fast enough.

Didn't have to worry about social distancing, there wasn't anyone up there but me.

Stay safe friends.

I hate to be a doomsayer, but I think the worst is yet to come with this Covid-19.


  1. I think your going out to fish is fine, at least you got several trout and better for social isolation is to be alone and calm, right?

    1. Nothing better than the quiet of stream fishing.

  2. Mark outstanding.
    You really nailed it with this post. Beautiful wild rainbows. Well done.

  3. Mark
    Liked the areas you were fishing. Have you shown us these places before? I would differently be making another trip there. Colorful rainbow----by the way this would be a place you guys could go and carry the camper--good post!