Sunday, July 26, 2020

Though I'd Better Put This out There So You won't Forget Me

I forgot that this trip was the maiden voyage of the new trailer. Remember last October some a..hole stole the Freedom Express during the Pacific Gas & Electric power shutdown. Even though the Sacramento Sheriff's Department found it in December, we surely didn't want it back. Who knows who was doing what in it. Gross........

Again as a reminder, we had reserved a space on March 20th at South Shore Lake Camanche to do the maiden voyage of the new trailer and check out all the systems and as we drove in, found out they had just closed the lake at 5:30 that morning. 

Since my wife was furloughed for 3 months we had plenty of time to go somewhere and check the trailer out EXCEPT, everybody else was closed too. 

So we waited for our trip to Hope Valley last weekend to do the best checking we could even though it was dry camping instead of full hookups.

We got there Friday afternoon and set up.

The new trailer doesn't have a name like the "Clipper" or the "Freedom Express" because all they gave it was a number. Calling it the 2295 just doesn't seem right.


Left side

Right side
I want to mention a little trip I took while pressure washing the trailer. A while back I bought a pressure washer from Lowe's. 1800psi electric. Somehow I got entangled in the hoses and down I went. Couldn't have been on grass, noooooo. Had to be not only in the middle of the street, but on my left side which is also the side of the bad hip. THEN, trying to get up I fell again. Same place, same side. Needless to say I had a bit of trouble walking and some really sore ribs, but fear not I have recovered. Nothing broken, only bruised.

Off we went.

Once we got set up, all I could do was sit.

Because of this we decided to leave the kayaks home, but I did bring my fishing gear.

Friday night left us with a very nice sunset although it is a little hard to photograph through the hill that is directly West of our camp site.

Saturday morning I was still in considerable pain so I passed on fishing and settled for healing.

Saturday afternoon brought the usual Summer thunder storms that one would expect in the Sierra's. A little rain didn't stop us from BBQing though.

BBQ in the rain.

Sunday morning was sunshine and blue skies. Still in pain, I didn't want to attempt the hike down to the shore of Upper Blue Lake to fish so I called it a fishless weekend do to circumstances based on stupidity.

Let me explain the spot we had. They called it a "double" space.  We had enough room for us, my son and his family, my wife's daughter and her family, and maybe another couple or two.

One tent site

Second tent site
Sunday afternoon brought more thunderstorms, but this time it was lightning, thunder, rain, and wind. The good part is that they only last an hour or so. 

I'm now past the pain from my little trip and awaiting our next trip at the end of August which is our annual trip to Upper Lake. There will be kayaking, fishing, and my son and daughter-in-law will be there. Can't wait. 

Might get in a day or two of fishing between now and then. 

Stay tuned. 


  1. Hi Mark, I am sorry that you could not fish and even less take advantage of the summer days to do it, I like your trailer a lot, I hope you do better in August on Upper lake. I send you a hug, take care and see you soon.

  2. Looks like that camper is going to lead to a lot of new adventures. Sorry about the pressure washing mishap. I'm sure you'll make up for it and then some come August.

  3. Mark
    It's good to know you didn't break any bones in this fall and on the mend. Glad you guys were able to break the new camper in and enjoy Lake Camanche. Looking forward to your next outing!

  4. Mark sorry to hear of your mishap. It has happened to me a couple of time with the vacuum cleaner cord.
    Enjoy the time outdoors and cooking out in the rain is romantic...