Sunday, September 20, 2020

That's It

It seems that recent years blogs are becoming a thing of the past. As I watch the blog roll on Northern California Trout, posts from those blogs are becoming fewer and fewer.

With the advent of social media, those that had blogs have migrated to Facebook, Twitter, or some other format.

I’ve mentioned on many occasions that, although I have a Facebook account, I only use it to locate people. An example being two of my first cousins that have been not been in contact with our family for all my life and most of theirs. Other than that kind of search, I don’t do any social media nor do I have a desire to do any.

I’ve contemplated ending Northern California Trout for more than a year. Now, with the current Covid-19 pandemic and this Summer with the massive wildfires, it’s been almost impossible to go fishing. Summer trout fishing is done in the mountains East of here, but now with the huge fires and I’m sure you’ve heard about them, they have closed all of the National Forests and that’s where all the streams and lakes are. So, unless you want to fish for warm water fish, you are just SOL.

 The next part of Northern California Trout is the .com. I purchased the name through Since there is seemly little interest in blogs any more it just doesn’t make sense to pay for a .com that is coming passe. 

To add to that is the new interface on blogger. Everybody has a “new mousetrap” so to speak and blogger (which drives Northern California Trout) has introduced its new interface and in my opinion, it sucks, but then that’s their problem.

I want to thank each and every person, from all over the world, that has stopped by since the inception of NCT on January 7, 2009. I’ve had about 870,000 views and have shared my stories 1187 times. It’s been a great run, but I think it’s time to go.

So, Northern California Trout will remain on the web at until about January 2022, but I will cease posting as this will be the final post.

Thank you again and please, stay safe.



  1. I have enjoyed reading the blog.Thanks for the time and effort put into it.

  2. Hey Mark, I'm sorry to see you shut this blog down. Blogging has definitely lost the interactivity with the rise of other social media, but it was always nice to know that folks like you, Alan, and Bill were out there posting (even when I was slacking over at Troutrageous). I appreciate all you've put into this over the years, I think all of us that "do" know what an undertaking it is to keep a blog current.

    Thank you for all you've done, and also for being a good fishing buddy.

  3. Well Mark I have to agree with you that blogging is not what it once was. I find myself on FB but I do not like it. I have that feeling of it being to "fast"...blogging has a sort of relaxed feeling.

    I know I am going to miss your posts. I was always given something to smile about each time I saw one of your posts. Wish you well friend.

  4. Farewell Mark. Sorry to see another dead link on my blog roll. Reports from your unique corner of word will be surely missed.

  5. Thats a shame Mark , there are fewer and fewer bloggers left and always enjoyed reading yours and getting your comments . I wonder about keeping mine going at times , ten years is a long time to stay afloat and there seems to be very few British blogs left . Stay Safe and tight lines..


  6. I hate to see you closing up shop, but I think I understand, and wish you happier days...

  7. Mark
    You and I go back many years on the blogging circuit. I have often thought at times giving up my blog as well. As everyone has said blogging is not what it use to be. Too many short to the point social media outlets out there now for the blogger to compete with.
    I still remember our first in person visit when Jason first came out to Marysville California. I will miss your blog and reading your post, but I understand. Take care and Thanks for the memories!!

  8. Hi Mark, I'm sorry to hear your decision, but hey if the blog really takes a lot of work and I think that when certain doors are closed to produce you can no longer continue it is better to leave it as is and what was done was fine. Good luck friend and take good care of yourself. A hug

  9. Hey Mark, every now and then I take a run through the bloggers to see what's going on. I enjoy them but seldom comment, though I should. I look at flyfishing and wing shooting blogs almost exclusively and some stay very current while others post only occasionally. It's all good. Near as I can tell blogging is free, so why not drop your dotcom and write when it strikes you? FB could be changed to BS & nobody would know the difference. I don't see the competition other than guessing bloggers spend more time looking at FB than writing. I could say much more but I'm getting long-winded already. Blogging may never be what it was but shutting down won't help. Good thoughts.

  10. My dear friend... You will be missed. It's been a tough year all the way around. Your fishing will hopefully bounce back next year and you will have something to write about? You could also write about your genealogy. I found that to be interesting. Your fellow bloggers need you. But, take a rest for awhile and know that you have blogging friends that care about you! Be well and stay safe. RD

  11. It is horrible to hear that you won't be able to blog about the great fishing in northern california. I blog myself at where I help fishermen with a job and family find more time to go fishing.

    Like some other have stated you could find a different and possibly free medium to blog on. You may even find that you have some knowledge within you that you want to distribute. You never know what can happen.

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