Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Jigsaw Puzzles

I've always been a fan of jigsaw puzzles. Only problem is that I have a cat. Therefore a jigsaw puzzle can not be left alone in the same part of the house as the cat. One can only imagine what any cat can do with a 3000 piece puzzle. 

I've found the solution. Jigsawplanet.com

Online jigsaw puzzles FREE. OK, you can sign up with them and be one of the group that has to put a puzzle together in 15 seconds, or not sign up and take your time like I do. Kind of pisses me off when it says John Doe did this puzzle in 37 seconds and it takes you 8 1/2 minutes just to set it up. Sounds like cheating to me. 

On the site, there is a category called Explore. It has a drop down and you can pick from 5 different categories. I usually choose "Popular Searches". There you can choose from 53 categories of puzzles you'd like to do. 

Categories like "animals" has 339,548 pictures to choose from. I like to do cars and there are 134,924 pictures etc. If you have a specific picture in mind, it has a search function. 

Once you choose the picture you want, on the right hand side is a drop down called "Play as". The picture you picked has X number of pieces. Could be anywhere from 4 to 300 or more pieces. If you want a different size pieces, the drop down (Play as) let's you do the puzzle normally from 24 to 300 pieces OR, the last line is "Custom Cut". There you can pick a size OR change the shape of the pieces. There is also a button for rotation of the pieces.  

The puzzle gives you the pieces in up and down direction as they would fit in the puzzle. The rotation button mentioned above allows you to rotate the pieces making it harder to solve the puzzle. 

Everybody knows I've been following the family genealogy for some years now. Below is one of the Kautz family coat of arms. Note that there are two owls on the coat of arms. 

The owl is a screech owl. The Kautz name is from Middle High German Kuz or Screech Owl. 

Going back to jigsaw puzzles, the picture below was a 238 piece puzzle of a screech owl. 

I did it in 63 pieces. Still took me 10 1/2 minutes to finish. 

Maybe you can find the animal, castle, or any of a number of pictures on your family crest. Might be a fun way to get the kids to learn about your family history. Besides, with all the puzzles to work, might take some stress off of staying home and not getting Covid-19. 

Just a thought.....   


  1. Mark
    A great way to get the kids and grandchildren occupied with something other than computer games. So how many jigsaw puzzles have you framed. Thanks for sharing

    1. I haven't kept count, but I'd hazard a guess, maybe 50 so far.