Sunday, March 28, 2021

Time To Build A Better Mousetrap

I'm back, but in a different format. Future posts will be about fishing (duh), camping, and generally getting out and about. I guess I should explain the new title for the blog. In the past couple years, I've come to recognize that I have Osteoarthritis in my back, left hip, both knees, and with the neuropathy in both my feet, getting around is, at times, difficult. I've looked into hip replacement. My neighbor across the street had his replaced 6 months ago and he's still limping. The last time I was operated on, it took 3 years and an additional surgery to repair the damage from the first surgery and to recover. At that point, I decided, no one is going to cut me unless it's life threatening. So I gimp. 

I miss writing. 

This past year has been depressing for all of us. Camping last year was a disaster as you can see from the last three posts. Camping this year has started out right where last year left off. 

Mid March, we planned and booked 9 nights in 4 different RV sites. First stop was to be Newberry Springs, California. Then on to Phoenix, Arizona, followed by 2 nights outside Death Valley, California, and then one night in Bakersfield, California just so we didn't have to drive a gazillion hours home in one day. 

Trailer loaded and ready to roll. Oh, seems the bed has a wet spot on the bottom. Oh, so does the booth in the dinette area. Seems we have two vents leaking. Did I mention it was raining? No, been raining all night. Trip cancelled and a call to the dealer we got the trailer from. Trailer has a 2 year structural warranty. Seems to me that the vents (actually one vent and one skylight) are structural. Nope, covered by the one year bumper to bumper warranty which expired in November of last year. More 2020 crap. 

Did I mention I miss writing?

Well, I informed them that I wasn't going to pay to have this fixed and someone had better approve fixing this because (I found out later) that the skylight had been replaced last year with a faulty skylight and the caulking on the roof was also faulty. After a short discussion Lance's National Maintenance Manager, it was agreed that the repairs would be done free of charge and my warranty for these repairs would be extended until September 19th just in case. 

Next camping trip is the end of April and we're only going a short distance. A way to get out from the house and the shack nasties. 

Next on the agenda: Katherine and I both got our Covid vaccine shots. In two weeks we will be 95% safer than previous. I am relieved that we made it the entire year without getting the bug. Our family doctor wasn't so lucky although he had underlying problems and it killed him. Spent a good part of January and February finding a new doctor, getting Medicare and the supplemental insurance set up. If you haven't had the joy of setting up Medicare, expect to be hairless by the time you're done. It is definitely a hair pulling experience.    

Don't know how often I'll post, but I'll wade into a lot of different subjects. 

Stay tuned.


  1. Well... I'm glad that Mike stirred things up. It didn't seem the same without you. I'm starting to wonder if hand surgery was the thing to do. It's been a slow recovery! Best of luck on your camping trip. Hope it makes the wait worth it!

  2. Glad to see you back at the keyboard....where's Yuki?
    Looking forward to your perspective.