Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Is Our History Being Erased? An Update.

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The Placerville City Council voted unanimously Tuesday evening to recognize and keep two historic nicknames of the city.

The names "Old Dry Diggins" and "Old Hangtown" are now preserved officially into the city's history after the vote, which comes two weeks after councilmembers voted to remove a noose from the city's logo.

The public comment session to remove the noose lasted over three hours. However, that vote was also unanimous.

"This meeting has been a long time coming," Mayor Dennis Thomas said in the April 13 meeting. "It's my desire and our council's desire that everybody has a chance to get heard."

The decision to remove the noose from the logo was met with protesters days afterward, where some residents saw the decision as an attack on the city's history. About a hundred people met in downtown Placerville to voice their opinions.

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