Thursday, May 6, 2021

Bullshit Politics

 All my life politics has been something I didn't think about very much. Elections came and went. I voted because it's my civic duty. Then came 2016. 

The election of 2016 was the biggest mistake this country has made. The Republicans put Donald Trump in the White House. He then proceeded to destroy democracy as we know it. Boy did this open my eyes. 

Enter the election of 2020. Joseph Biden won this election by an Electoral College vote of 306 to Trump's 232. BUT, because Trump said the election was rigged, those that follow him believed what he said even though every state verified the counts and certified the election. 

Then we have January 6th and the Trump followers storming the Capitol Building. Clearly he attempted a coup d'état. Only problem was that he didn't have the military behind him, only his radical followers. A coup only works if you have military backing. To this day he still believes he won the election. To this day his followers believe he won the election. What is WRONG with these people. 

OK, we have a new President and Vice President.  

So, the House of Representative's impeached him for inciting the January 6th riot. Then, the Senate acquitted him because the majority of the chickenshit Republicans got no cajones. I'm excluding those 10 that did vote to impeach him. My hat's off to them. 

Now we're looking toward the mid-term 2022 election. Those states that Trump lost or their Electoral College votes weren't enough, are passing laws to make it almost impossible for those that voted in 2020 to be able to vote. 

Let's take Georgia for example. Mail in voting requires the voter to provide one of several forms of identification. WHAT, they have to send in a photo of their drivers license with their ballot? A photo of their birth certificate? Maybe a copy of their passport? That's bullshit. 

Let's not forget Photoshop. 

Rather than allowing voters to request ballots six months from Election Day, the new law says voters can start requesting ballots 78 days out; counties can begin sending ballots to voters just 29 days before Election Day, rather than the previous 49 days. Let's shorten the time so when the Postal Service can't get the mail delivered on time, your ballot won't count. Bet they  are all Democratic ballots.  

Then, A ban on handing out food and water within 150 feet of a polling place, or within 25 feet of any voter. Republicans say this is aimed at stopping outside groups from influencing voters; Democrats say it’s supposed to make it harder for people to wait in long lines, particularly on hot or cold days. Election officials are permitted to set up water stations — but they’re not required to do so. Ever been to Georgia? Maybe we should ask my 85 year old cousin who lives in Georgia, how she would like to wait in line and not be able to get a drink of water. More bullshit. 

Then this morning, which prompted this post, Florida.

The new law restricts the use of absentee ballot drop boxes to the early voting period, adds new identification requirements for requesting such ballots, and requires voters to reapply for absentee ballots in each new general election cycle. Previously, Florida voters only had to apply once every two election cycles. 

The law also gives partisan election observers (want to be they are all Republicans) more power to raise objections and requires people offering voters assistance to stay at least 150 feet (45 meters) away from polling places, an increase from the previous 100-foot (30-meter) radius. 

Want to bet that the Trump militia is going to be at polling places armed to the teeth where ever they can get away with it. Think that would turn you away instead of voting? 

It's a sad political environment we live in. 

Once before I said I was ashamed to be an American. I'm proud again, but I wonder if it will only last 4 years.      


  1. Typical liberal “tolerance” and name calling. I’ve followed your blog for years and will still do so. The beauty of America is the allowance for a variety of opinions and respect for others who may believe differently. We should be able to get along but folks like you make it difficult.