Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Do You Have A Spare TV?

 I think I posted this before and if I have, please forgive the old guy's memory. 

Do you have a laptop? Does your screen seem small?

The first picture is my laptop. Used to do all my computering with that. 

Then I got into a disagreement with Dish Network. Seemed Dish tried to put on me a 2 year contract I didn't agree with so I told them to get their junk out of my house. 

That was more than a year ago and I've not had TV since. 

Enter the 40" TV from my office. It was just sitting there collecting dust. Just another piece to clean. So I decided to put it to work. 

Zipped over to Staples and bought a 6 ft. HDMI cable . Connected it to my laptop (FYI, it's necessary to have a HDMI plugin) and then to the 40" TV (Also needs a HDMI plugin) and "viola", computer with a 40" monitor. YOu can see the difference.    

Which brings me to the 52" TV in the Livingroom. There it sits collecting dust, unused because no cable, Dish, no nothing. Once again, a quick trip to Staples and bring home a 16' HDMI cable and now a 52" monitor in the living room. 

Do I need monitors that big? Not necessarily, but it's pretty cool. 

I also watch free movies from YouTube and Amazon Prime from my laptop to the monitor(TV) in the Livingroom.  

So, if you have a TV laying around collecting dust, here's a home hack for ya. 

Stay tuned. 


  1. Mark, thank you. I may never need to do that but it's good to have the knowledge of how to do it.
    Cable TV is out of control.

  2. Mark
    Good to know all of us seniors are still able to function in this high-tech world. Cable bills are outrageous now no matter what outlet you used.

  3. Eh up Mark, love the new url, tis nice to reconnect old lad