Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Upper Lake Camping The Part I Forgot

When you have a huge old post like the one prior, us Geezers tend to forget a thing or two. 

Later on Sunday, my son, daughter-in-law, and I went back to the dock with the magnet fishing gear to finish what we started that morning. 

In case you've not looked into magnet fishing, this is similar to the kit I have except the rope is blue and the gloves are gray. 

There are a bunch of different weights for the magnet from 100 lbs. to 1200 lbs. Mine is 500. Less than is a little light (in my opinion) and anything more, if you get it attached to something solid, you won't be able to get it loose. 

So here we are out on the dock and my daughter-in-law wants to take a turn. BIG MISTAKE. We couldn't get it away from her. Once before I created a fly fishing monster in Juan Lopez, now I've created a magnet fishing monster in my daughter-in-law. Some times you never learn.  

So what did we find? 
Many screws
A few nails
A couple lures
Some metal pieces. 
A couple metal straps
A lot of bottle caps and Power Bait caps.
Half a fishing rod. Looked like it was cast out and broke the top half off. 

Enough to fill two red plastic cups. You know the 16 oz. size. 

Best of all, we only covered half of the dock and we will be back in August. 

Stay tuned


  1. Mark
    My first time to hear of Magnet Fishing---

  2. Mark I first saw this used in Maine 40 years ago. A guide used magnets to recover all sorts of things drop into the lakes including an outboard motor.