Friday, July 23, 2021

Campground Evacuation

Got a notice this morning (7/23) at 9:23 from notifying us that the Hope Valley Campground (see the post from 7/17) has been closed as of 7/16 and we are to evacuate immediately because of the Tamarack Fire. We came home on Saturday 7/17 as we would normally from a camping trip. 

What's wrong with this picture?  

As of this morning the Tamarack Fire is 58,417 acres and 4% contained. It has currently crossed into Nevada. This fire along with the Dixie Fire which is s bit North of us by Quincy and Lake Almanor is currently 113,000 acres and only 18% contained. 

The Dixie Fire

This is Lake Almanor on a clear day

Lake Almanor with smoke

We, here in the West, are happy to report that we are sharing all the smoke from these two fires with ya'll all the way back to New York City. You know that place where they DO NOT make Pace Picante Sauce. 

Stay tuned. 

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  1. Mark
    We are feeling the effects of the fires out your way---yesterday was smoky even in the higher elevations of Birmingham.