Thursday, July 29, 2021

Huge Milestone

 I bet you thought this was going to be something about the fires in California. Nope. 

I bet you thought this was something about how the lawn was dying. Nope. But it is. 

I bet you thought this was about catching some huge fish. Nope. 

This is about this blog. 

I know I've bailed a couple times since I started this blog on January 7, 2009, but I've always come back. 

A lot of you stop by and view what I write about. Even though most don't leave a comment, I appreciate that you do find what I write interesting enough to keep coming back. I was even able to raise a few feathers on San Juan Bob because he and I didn't agree about our congressional leaders, but he said he would still stop by.

When I went from "" to "", I wasn't able to transfer over the 52,000 views that were there, but I didn't forget about them. 

In the last week or so I passed the 948,000 views to cross that 1 million view mark. Add the 52,000 to the current 949,761 views and you have 1,001,761 total views. That is a huge milestone. 

Considering that I started this blog just to let locals know what I was catching and with what, it has blossomed into an International following I would have never believed.

I realize that because of my physical disabilities that I can't do the amount of fishing I use to so I try to keep you interested with other topics and throw in an occasional fishing post. That's why the name change to the Wandering Gimp. 

Thank you all for continuing to follow this blog. 2 million views is just around the corner.  



  1. Mark, congrats on the milestone. I know you still get satisfaction in your blogging. Stay with it.

  2. Mark
    You, Alan, and I are still hanging in there after all these years---congrats on the numbers and continue to post, which is a good way for all of us seniors to stay engaged.