Friday, July 30, 2021

Update to the July 22nd Post

 Back to that post. Interesting how the game plan changes week by week and sometimes day to day. 

I won't include a new picture as the front lawn looks the same as the second picture on 7/22.

I've watched water usage with the Summer heat hanging around 100 for the last, seems like forever, few months. You can figure we use about 3000 gallons for the house. 

Here's the breakdown:

April - 11,220 gallons  

May - 17,204 gallons

June - 21,692 gallons

At this point we shut off watering the grass and did the drip system I mentioned in the 7/22 post. 

July - 9724 gallons

That's less than half, but one has to take into consideration we still are watering the garden. We have vegetables that supplement our diet and herbs that my wife uses all year long. Once the garden is done, we should reduce water usage by 2/3's or so. Back to around 3000 gallons per month. 

Now that I've run across all the water info, now the lawn info. 

Got a load of shredded Cedar bark per the recommendation of the lawn service and covered a small area next to the driveway. Shredded is one thing, this is chunks big enough to put in the wood stove, if we had a wood stove. Scratch shredded Cedar bark. Cost to cover the front yard about $530.00 plus landscape fabric at about $600.00. 

Next move is to look for something else. Went to a company down toward Sacramento that has a lot of different landscape products. Looked at everything and settled on Medium Bark Chips. Cost to cover the front yard, $951.00 plus $600 for the landscape fabric. Don't forget 8% sales tax too. 

Just not in the mood to spend $1600.00 to cover the front yard. So we're going to live with brown grass for now. Hey, maybe I'll just paint it green. 

I'm sure there will be more to this story. 

Stay tuned.  

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