Sunday, July 11, 2021

Ya Want Hot?

 How can you not love a place that looks like this?

We had a trip planned to see this National Park in March this year, that was until the leaking trailer vent incident. 

OK, enough with the pretty pictures. Yesterday it was 130 degrees. The all time record was 134. The low temperature at 5:37 this morning was 104. That's only 2 degrees below what we here in beautiful downtown Jackson are expecting as our high temp today (106). 

In the last picture is says that Badwater Basin is 282 feet below sea level. The actual for Death Valley is 282.2 ft. below sea level, but hey, what's 2/10 of a foot between friends. 

This is why we planned to go in March. Anyone with any sense stays out of Death Valley in the Summer. 

With the exception of the 4 days we've planned in Hope Valley, We're going to be right at 100 or more through the end of the month. People say, ah it's not so bad, it's a dry heat. Dry or wet, hot is hot. 

Hope Valley Camping Wednesday through Saturday. 

Stay tuned.  


  1. Mark
    Jason has been telling us about the unusual heat readings out there---bring on fall and cooler weather!! Stay safe on your trip

  2. Mark that's a neat place. I would like to see more of it but on the internet. That saying "it's dry heat" is BS.
    Have a great camping trip.