Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Why Wear A Mask

Watched a YouTube video by "Beau of the Fifth Column" yesterday. He was talking about an upcoming Garth Brooks concert. Garth Brooks said that if you're not wearing a mask, you will not be admitted to the concert. You can watch the video here:

On July 6th Rick Kushman from UC Davis published an article about wearing a mask and what the benefits of doing so are. 

You can read the whole article here:

Here is one quote from that article I find appropriate to this post. 

 “People who don’t wear a mask increase the risk of transmission to everyone, not just the people they come into contact with. It’s all the people those people will have contact with. You’re being an irresponsible member of the community if you’re not wearing a mask. It’s like double-dipping in the guacamole. You’re not being nice to others.”

After a year and a half of dealing with this Covid virus and now dealing with the 4th mutation (Delta Virus) which is twice as contagious as the previous variants, I can't understand why the people out there aren't getting vaccinated or at least wearing masks. 

I ask you, what is it that is stopping you?

Are you listening to all that bullshit on social media that says the vaccine is putting little tracking devices in you? Or is it the "Big Lie" conspiracy theories that allege the vaccine can cause all manner of major side effects, from infertility to permanently altering your genetics. 

Do you want to die? Because 100% of the people dying from the Delta variant are unvaccinated. 

There are several Governor's that are threatening the people who run schools if they mandate children wearing masks. What, do these Governor's hate children? Do they not care that there are an increasing number of children getting the Delta Variant? Are they stupid? Maybe they are. To quote Ron White "You can't fix stupid. Stupid is forever". 

There are several articles out on NBC, USA Today, and others about a church in Florida that had 6 members die within 10 days. All six were unvaccinated. Four of the six were healthy young people and under the age of 35. All of a sudden the church held a vaccination clinic and 800 people got vaccinated. Didn't do a damn thing to help those 6 that died. 

No one can make you get vaccinated. That's your choice. 

Good luck to those who stay unvaccinated. You are certainly playing a game of Russian Roulette. Might as well use a gun that has five bullets in a six shooter. 

The Delta Variant awaits you

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  1. Mark
    Thanks for sharing this post and I hope some of the unvaccinated individuals take notice!!!