Sunday, September 19, 2021

Boy, That Was Fun

 Westport RV Park, Westport, California.

We checked out Google Maps to find the best way to here. The one we know is along Highway 20 from Williams, past Upper Lake (you know we love this place), over to Highway 101 and then North to Highway 20 and across to Highway 1 at Fort Bragg. 

What Google doesn't tell you is that span of road (Highway 101 to Highway 1) is 35 miles of switchbacks and stomach upsetting ups and downs. Add to that pulling a 27 foot trailer and boy, was that fun. 

Then add to that another 16 miles of Highway 1 switchbacks and ups and downs and by the time we got to the RV park, both of us were worn out. 

Then mere feet from check-in, I got one of those lovely thigh cramps (probably from driving so long). So I'm parked in the middle of the road, using 4 letter words and trying to work out the cramp. 

OK, stopped swearing and got to check-in. Was assigned space 106. 

From their website "Here you will find beach-side camping in the sand, on grassy sites and along the creek."

First picture: That look like a grassy site? "Does that look like beach side." No creek in sight in fact never did see the creek.

Second picture: Notice how close the other camper is on the right side of the picture. They left the next morning and the new motorhome was less than 3 feet from our slideout. Now I know how a sardine feels.

Third picture: Still haven't found any grass. 

From their day use (about 1/4 mile from our spot). 

There was no way I could have negotiated ankle deep sand from the Day Use area to the water. I did bring a fishing pole.   

Looking back toward the "beach sites" (at another $10.00 per day and can't be booked online). Looked like a homeless camp to me. 

Oh, did I mention that this little piece of "heaven" is in a Tsunami zone? I would never expect one, but you never know. 

At this point, we're ready to go home and it's just the first day. We would never have been able to do the drive back so we rested the rest of Thursday and Friday with the idea of bailing on Saturday morning. 

Woke up Saturday morning, ate breakfast, and opened the door to hook up the trailer and it was RAINING! I thought, maybe it was a heavy Marine Layer, but no, it was real rain. Haven't seen any of that in a long time.   

Got the trailer hooked up, wife got everything inside secured, and we left this wonderful RV park about 10:00 am. Decided to go the rest of the way up Highway 1 where it connected to Highway 101 as opposed to returning the way we came. 

Granted it was 28 miles of single lane highway and some curves, but WAY better than the way we came. Did I mention it was raining? Yup, still raining. 

Down Highway 101 to Highway 20 and we were on our way home. It rained all the way until just before Upper Lake, then nothing. 

It was cold, windy, and wet. Boy, was that fun. 

Sure was a fun way to end our 2021 camping year. 


  1. Mark did I ever tell you my solution to Google maps...the old fashioned paper topo's.
    Now with the actual camping trip the one good thing you can take away from it is you will have a "lot" to talk about.

  2. Mark
    Count this trip as a blessing in that it produced RAIN---I will have to tell Jason about this trip. He said he hasn't seen one drop of rain since he returned to Sacramento from being home in June. When he was here, we fished the lake numerous times with it raining. That's how bad he missed the rain!
    Just a thought, next trip, carry your field glasses and do a little bird watching--good post!!