Monday, October 25, 2021

We Survived The "Bomb Cyclone"

That's about the end of the rain. It's been raining non-stop for about 36 hours. 

We didn't need the kayaks, or the PFD's. The most we got were some puddles in the previously dead yard which seems to be coming to life again. Note to self, get the sod cutter...soon. 

Fortunately we have really a good drainage system in our neighborhood. Between Saturday and this morning, Jackson received a little over 7 inches of rain. The yearly average for Jackson is 30.4 inches. Not a bad start. 

Going back to the "Bomb Cyclone", it's just a new name for a rain storm we get every so often. We used to call it the "Pineapple Express" due to it coming from as far away as Hawaii. 

Down to Sacramento, I want to touch on something kind of new. An area called McKinley Park in Sacramento County has what's called a Water Vault. It's designed to hold excess rainfall in the area, prevent flooding, and then release it into the Sacramento River when the raining stops. Two things happened this weekend. One the vault filled up (6 million gallons) and two, McKinley Park still had some flooding although the flooding could have been much, much worse as it has in past years. So I guess it worked pretty well. Besides, once it was built, they made a really nice neighborhood park on top of it. 

Upcountry there were a bunch of evacuations due to the chance of mud slides in the burn scars of the many fires we've recently had including the Caldor Fire. And is usually the case, Highway 70 out of the city of Oroville has had a rock slide. Seems to happen with every heavy rainfall. 

So, we're all good and the storm seems to be heading East. 

Stay safe ya'll.   


  1. Man it's real good to see ample rain out there. It should help and maybe it's a sign of better times. We are dealing with a classic Nor'easter another night of heavy rain.

  2. Mark
    Hopefully, this rainfall is the start of many more gully washers, "which is what we call big floods in the south" to come!!
    P.S. Cathey and I just got our buster shot this afternoon