Thursday, December 23, 2021

A Sam's Run

Since Walmart is all over the place, I would assume that you know what Sam's Club is. A lot of people go to Costco, but we prefer Sam's. 

The day after  Sam's Run is usually a Food Saver Day. You know, buy in bulk, package is sizes you can use. 

We have a Food Saver. If you don't have one, you should. It's a vacuum sealer. There are a zillion different brands out there (everybody has to get on the bandwagon), but we've had the Food Saver brand for years. What it does is preserve food for a lot longer that just the packaging you get it in from the store. Food Saver says it keeps food fresh 5x longer than store packaging. It really lasts longer.  

Ours looks something like this. 

The one we have wasn't listed so it was probably discontinued. We've had it for several years. 

So, back to packaging. We buy 5 pound packages of hamburger and package it in 12 ounce portions. There's just two of us and we don't need more meat than that. We got Pork Chops and chicken pieces. Package Porkchops one to a package, chicken pieces 3 to a package. Today I'm packaging Basmati Rice. We bought a 20 pound bag and will package it in about 1/2 gallon amounts. No refrigeration needed. Probably have enough Basmati until we die. 

How about the garden last Summer. Ya'll haven't forgotten about Summer yet, have you? You like salsa? We packaged Tomatillos and threw them into the freezer. Tomatillo Salsa all year. We packaged peppers (several kinds), Cherry Tomatoes, Pasta sauce. You like Pesto? Make it, freeze it in an ice cube tray, then Food Saver it for use a cube at a time. 

Don't forget Kayaking, boating, camping, Fly Fishing. Seal some clothes in a package and you have dry things to put on in case you decide to take a swim and you know we do occasionally. The uses are endless.  

OK, gotta go. The Basmati is waiting. 

Merry Christmas every body.    

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  1. Mark for years I have been going to make a purchase of one of those food savers. I hunt and it was a perfect way to wrap the volume of meat that a good hunt would produce. Now it seems practical because when you see a good buy on meat you need to take advantage of it because tomorrow that ground beef is going higher....