Friday, December 31, 2021

That's A Wrap

Well, here we are at the end of another year. Have to tell you, it's been a shitty one just like 2020. 

Started off bad with the attempt to go to Arizona in March and finding the trailer leaking as we were set to leave. 

Then about May, I posted how my body was falling apart. Osteoarthritis has taken over and it gets harder by the day to walk. I use a cane all the time now and probably won't be long until I'm in a wheel chair. You young ones take heed. You are NOT as indestructible and bulletproof as you think you are. It catches up with you in the end.  

Camping and fishing did get better as the year went on though. Got two trips to Upper Lake and our July trip to Hope Valley. 

July began the fires. The Tamarack Fire as we were leaving Hope Valley. The Caldor Fire in August that had my son evacuated for 3 weeks. His house survived. He didn't make it to Upper Lake at the end of August though. Still evacuated at that time.

By the way, the leak in the trailer has been fixed (I hope). It survived the "Bomb Cyclone" and the "Atmospheric River" rain storms and no leaks. 

Sorry if I got a little testy about getting the Covid vaccine. People were needlessly dying and still are, most being unvaccinated (800,000 and counting). Case in point, my step-daughter went on a short trip to Target. Came home with Covid. Now her husband went to some friends house and found out they all had Covid and now he does to. Both have been vaccinated and still got it. 

Oh, and that mid-September camping trip to the coast. Westport RV Park. What a dive. 

A few jokes along the way. 

I got my fishing license for next year hoping it would be a better fishing year than 2021. 

Lastly the title of this post. I've been a Gary Larson fan for so many years I've lost count. The last far side desk calendar I had was the one with the picture below. Seem appropriate for the end of just about every year. 

"OK, folks!....Its a wrap!"

See you in 2022

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