Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Yard Redo

Back on July 22nd, I did a post on the front yard. I mentioned we were using tens of thousands of gallons of water every month to keep the front yard green. 

I cut off the watering and put in a drip system for the necessary plants and trees. Then let the hot Summer kill the grass. I also used a bit of Roundup on the stubborn spots. This is what the yard looked like on that July day (22nd). Dry, crispy grass.  

Then we had plans to rent a sod cutter about mid-this month, cut all the dead grass out, put down landscape fabric and cover it with medium bark chips. It would look something like the picture below. This is the other side of the driveway. Save on water, etc. 

With plans in place, Katherine's daughter, her husband, and Katherine's grandson army volunteered, we were ready to hit the yard running (them not me) that weekend (December 11th & 12th). In case you're not familiar with army volunteering, it goes something like this: I need three volunteers, you, you, and you. Mother's can do that. 

Well, her daughter having not been out of the house in a couple weeks had to make a quick trip to Target. That's all it took for her to contact Covid-19. Fortunately she had both vaccine shots, but she still spent a week and a half in bed. Don't know what would have happened if she would have been unvaxxed.  

Needless to say, that weekend was cancelled and because of tax season (she's a CPA) the yard will now have to wait until Spring. 

So all my hard work killing the front yard is pretty much for naught and you can see by the photo below. Jeez, put a little water on it and it grows as if it's never been murdered by Moi. 

I'll just whip out the mower every so often and give it a hair (or grass) cut until Spring. At least it could have all grown back so it doesn't look like that.  

Stay safe everybody. 


  1. Mmmm not knowing your climate or soil type etc, but could you not fill the space with some ornamental grass types that are drought resistant and just let them 'get on with it'? ? just a thought old lad.

    1. Hey John. We have some plans, but it's a 2 or 3 year project. As for climate, 90 to 110 Fahrenheit in the Summer, no rain from about May until October/November. Soil is concrete hard in the Summer and mush in the Winter. I'll update as it happens. Next is a walkway from the sidewalk to the back gate whenever it stops raining.

  2. Mark that's a lot of water for green grass. Your use of the bark mulch is very attractive.

  3. Mark
    I have a feeling a little water and ammonia nitrate could do wonders for your yard come spring -----covid does strange things to different individuals---what amazes me is how someone gets the virus after being vaccinated?? Merry Xmas to you guys