Monday, January 17, 2022

The Ongoing Front Yard Saga

When last I left you on December 15th, the grass continued to grow. 

This is that picture.

This morning, I read John's post (Finding the Caveman Within) about him getting out and mowing the lawn at one of his client's house. John, as you know, is recovering from the "snap" and if he can get out and mow, so can this gimp. And so I did. 

Doesn't look much different although it is a bit (about 5 inches) shorter. 

That said, you'll remember Katherine's daughter got Covid and had to cancel the whole removal until the end of tax season. Well, her husband also got Covid about two weeks ago. Having a double dose of shots, he sailed through pretty well. 

Then my grandson got it. He works in a retirement home and several workers got it too. He went into quarantine along with my son and his family for about 2 weeks. I tell you, that shit is everywhere. 

So, while all this was happening, I'm working on the walkway into the back yard. It will be 4 feet wide from the stakes on the right and edged with a plastic border. First though, I have to get the grass out.   

Almost there with the first side. Tried a flat shovel. Too hard. Tried a spade (pointed shovel). Too hard again. Don't have a lot of energy and it doesn't take long to expend it. 

Then I had one of those gardening epiphanies. Get a hoe. No not that kind. The garden kind. 

OK, worked somewhat, but needed something. Aha, another epiphany. Wow, two in one day. Must be something spiritual. Highly unlikely in my case. 

Out came the grinder. Looks something like this:

Make the hoe sharp. Perfect. Start hacking away. While I was sharpening the hoe, I also sharpened my Hula Hoe. In case you don't know what they look like. 

Seems I'm good for about 4 feet and then pooped for the day. Like I said, not much energy. 

That's where the front yard stands at the moment. More to follow.

Stay tuned. 


  1. Mark
    I wish we had weather here to mow grass or do yard work ---as bad as I hate it---use to like it when I was younger---its been really cold here for days----not a cold weather guy anymore!!
    By summer you should have a green lawn complete with the walkway---take your time with this job!!

  2. Steady old lad, two epiphanies within a day? Have you tried covering the lawn with a dark & waterproof membrane to kill off the grass until the ground becomes wet enough to turn?