Sunday, January 30, 2022

The Yard And A Covid Update

First the Covid update. Those in the family who have had it:

1. Me, I think. It was very light if I did. Didn't test. Don't know for sure. 

2. My wife.

3. My step-daughter twice.

4. Her husband.

5. My Grandson.

6. The mother of my granddaughter's soon to be ex-husband visiting at my son's house. 

Another 10 days of quarantine for the whole house over there. That's it for now.

Well, the yard project is on hold for the moment. 

After removing the little bit of dirt to put in the walkway, I wondered how to dispose of said dirt. 

This area in the picture below is clean and has landscape fabric over it awaiting the plastic edging for the walkway. 

The easiest way would be to shovel it into our green recycle bin. You know those big green 96 gallon plastic "cans". Only problem is they don't take dirt. So I called. 

"You might try the Landfill in Sacramento." Go to the website, voila, they take dirt. 

Then, there is the cost. The little patch above would be enough dirt to fill my pickup. Don't want to overload it and bust the springs. 

So let me list the costs:
Sod cutter $250.00 for two days. 
Cost of landfill: $128.00 per ton. A half ton P/U would be stretching it to put 2000 lbs in the back. Assuming (bad word) it would be close, $128.00 per load. Estimated number of loads for the yard, 30 or more. $3840.00, OUCH. 
Cost of gas: Maybe 2 trips per tank. Last time I filled up: $65.00. Figuring about 15 trips (to start), right around $1000.00. 
Cost of me shoveling in and out of the truck, priceless. Oh wait, that's a credit card saying isn't it? Deadly is probably a better word. 

So for now, looking for plan B. 

Stay Tuned.   


  1. Mark
    What about this for plan B----a couple of tomatos beds, vegatale beds and if there is any left over a flower bed for the wife. I will be starting my first tomato bed late spring. Wish I had some of that dirt to use, I've got to buy bags and bags of topsoil.
    Cathey and I haven't had covid yet, Jason either, but our daughter's whole family had it, which was the light version. They kids are back in school and Jenny and her B.T. are over it as well---getting ready for spring---hope you can get out to some of those lakes when the weather gets better.

    1. Hi Bill. We plant our garden behind the fence at the top of the picture. If we planted in front it would last exactly one night and the deer would eat it to the ground.

  2. Covid. I don't want to hear about it!!! Ugh... The only thing good that came of it was that I got my own office. =) Have a good February, Mark!!

    1. Thank you RD. Latest is my son, great granddaughter and one other adult in the house now have it too.

  3. Covid is a SOB...I have talked to people who think they may have had it. I guess if your a strong healthy person you may never know unless you were tested.