Tuesday, February 15, 2022

A Day In The Life Of Sophie

One quick update, my kids have all recovered from Covid unscathed. 

Do you have cats? We've had several over the years. Back on April 6, 2009 I did a joking post about Jasper and Smudge messing with the computer while I was gone fishing. How'd he get named Smudge? When he was a baby, he was just a little gray smudge.   

Well, we lost Smudge quite a while back. Poor boy had a bad heart and only survived about 3 years. 

Losing his brother, Jasper went into a funk like I've never seen an animal do. Can you imagine a cat moping? That was Jasper (that's him, the black & white below) for about 4 months. We decided to get him a brother or sister to keep him company. 

Enter Jasmine. Definitely a Mom's girl. While we were picking her out, one of her sisters was sitting in the back of the cage at A-Pals looking very sad. So I decided to take her home too. She got me hook, line, and sinker. Appropriate for a fishing blog ya?  

Enter Sophie. Oops, another gray cat. 

Unfortunately, Jasper didn't like Jasmine for some reason and she started peeing on the floor right about the time we were selling our house in Volcano. One, can't have that happen when selling a house and two, can't have that happen at any time anyhow. So we found Jasmine a new home and she's very happy there. We get updates occasionally from our Vet. That left us with Jasper and Sophie. 

In March 2020 we lost Jasper to kidney failure. 

Sophie didn't have "her" Jasper any more and pretty much didn't know what to do with herself. We were not getting another animal so I tried to "entertain" her as much as I could. Looks kind of sad huh. 

Well, I created a monster. Now Sophie has a daily routine (that I've created for her in a moment of stupidity) that is far and above anything a normal cat should have. 

Here's how it goes:

First thing in the morning (even before I get coffee) she has to have 10 cat treats and a good amount of brushing. Actually a good thing in Spring and Summer as she sheds like there's no tomorrow. 

Then she sleeps all day. 

At 3 pm or anytime between 1 pm & 3 pm if she can nag me into giving her dinner.  A plate with about 1/3 of a can of wet food (must have gravy). Followed by 5 cat treats and a half hour of sitting on dad's lap.  

Then after our dinner she has to have her ice cream. She like Drumsticks best (the Simply Dipped kind although she'll tolerate the Cookie Dipped ones). Oh, no she doesn't eat the chocolate. Dad has to eat it off first and then she eats about half of the vanilla ice cream. See picture below. Followed by sitting on dad's lap until he throws her off. Not literally, all I have to do is close the book I'm reading and she jets.  

When I tell people that the ice cream in my shopping cart is for the cat, they laugh until I show them this picture. Of course I have to eat the rest of the cone. Don't want it to go to waste.

Lastly, Sophie has to have her nightly massage just before mom & dad go to bed. She runs into the living room from where ever she is and plops on the floor (kind of like the second picture up) and dad give her a good rub down, although it's never enough for her. 

A monster has been created and it's my own fault.  

Stay tuned.  

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