Friday, February 4, 2022

And You Wonder Why I Push Vaccinations

You saw the 6 from the last post. Now here's a few more.

7. My son got hit pretty hard.

8. My Granddaughter.

9 My Great - Granddaughter Mavis.

10. My Great - Granddaughter Azzie. 

No matter what I said, they remain un-vaccinated and are paying the price. 

And just in case you haven't seen the statistic, 900,754 deaths as of today from Covid-19. 

The US is reporting more than 2300 deaths EVERY DAY. 

Here's a little quote from the former President:

"The minimum number was 100,000 lives, and I think we'll be substantially under that number. ... So we'll see what it ends up being, but it looks like we're headed to a number substantially below 100,000,"

That was April 2020. 

Less than a year later more than 500,000 Americans had died.

Tens of millions of eligible Americans still unvaccinated. Why????

I just hope my children aren't going to add to this number.  

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  1. One of my fishing buddies is battling covid now and has been sick for the past 3 weeks. Went to the hospital and back at home but not doing well at all---guess what not vaccinated!!