Monday, March 7, 2022

Alex Hangs On

Here is the next installment about the war in Ukraine. I'm just going to pass along Alex's email to Polish Origins. This is from Friday, I believe. Do look at the video's too. 

Heroes abound in Ukraine, Alex is one of them.   

"I got up today at 3.30 am from sirens and a distant explosion. The missile landed somewhere on the outskirts of the city. But since then I could not go to sleep.

I had a mission to evacuate a family with kids from Choroshiv (45 km North from Zhitomir.) In a previous life it took me only 45 minutes to get there, but I live in a different world now so I decided to leave home at 8 am and have 3 hours in advance. The family of three, mother and two daughters should have been waiting for me at the center of Choroshiv.

I only drove for 5 km and got into a traffic jam. After two hours in a line and with little success I called Adrey from Last Bell to tell that I have no idea when I can get there. In 20 minutes he called me back and told me that the family should stay where they are.  To omit the jam I took the bypass road, which looks very different now too.

I found out that the missile landed in downtown Zhitomir and destroyed secondary school # 25. I was shocked. This is my neighborhood. This is where I was born, this is where I played with my friends when I was in my teens. At this school was my polling station. That is where I voted.

Picture made in 2020 elections.

When in three hours I went back to Zhitomir, I immediately drove to see with my own eyes what happened.

Today, March 4, 2022

From a distance I felt a very distinct smell. Despite that after Covid my sense of smell leaves much to be desired, I could smell destruction. It’s like when you burn concrete or cut the stone with a saw.


I came home in a bad mood. I did not accomplish my evacuation mission. My childhood neighborhood was into pieces. My dreams for peace are into pieces. I’m broke. I feel myself in a boat with the Apostles in the Sea of Galilee during the storm, our boat is shaky and waves are big. Jesus, my friend, I ask you to calm down this storm, to bring us peace. Let us be poor but just give us peace!

I usually invite all my friends to my house. I know that many of you were my guests. But for those who did not visit me I invite you now. Be my guest! I do not know what the night will bring and what the morning will be. I want to memorize the place which is dear to my heart.


Your friend,

Alex "

Stay safe everyone. 

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