Saturday, March 12, 2022

Bombing of Zhitomir

 It continues. 


"Dear friends,

Real quick.

Zhitomir oil and gas storage was blown yesterday night. Big fire started yesterday at 9 pm and was still going on until 2 pm the next day.

I wanted to buy food for pets. I went to Metro, which used to have a big section for pet food. It was gone!


Then I dropped in at the big distribution center for the city defense needs. This center is located at the sports school, not far from my home. I wanted to check what the current needs are.

I met an old friend of mine. She is a leader of the nonprofit from Zhitomir. She decided to stay in Zhitomir. She uses her connections to coordinate donations and distributions for the needs of the army and civilians of Zhitomir. Her name is Zhana, rather symbolic like Jeanne d'Arc

I asked her to share how she sees the urgent needs


Thank you all for your support and prayers.

Alex " 



"Dear friends,

Yesterday a dormitory in the South West side of Zhitomir was bombed.

It’s close to the recreational area and the river Tetyriv, where I like kayaking. Eugene Temiriajev lives only 100 meters from the destroyed dormitory. He is a retired military colonel. I got to know him in 2002, when he was one the editors of the book Rehabilitated by History. The book was devoted to record each victim of Stalin's repressions from Zhitomir oblast. Some SGGEE members know him well, especially Donald Miller. 

He spent all night in the cellar of his house with his daughter and granddaughter. No heating and electricity all night.

I wanted to come closer to document the destruction but I was not allowed by the militaries to do it. But it's interesting that in 1935 my grandfather Carol Brzezicki was building it.


Then I went to check on the house where I was born and lived for 22 years. My neighbor Valia (I call her tiotja Valia) showed me their bomb shelter.


I’m fine at the moment.




 "Dear friends,

It was hot yesterday in Zhitomir. Air attack on private houses in Zhytomyr at night was filmed by a guy who lives in Zarichny, a village just outside Zhitomir.


Later the mayor of Zhitomir announced that one private house was destroyed, one damaged and the building of the Zhitomir heating company was damaged. I’m afraid some people had a cold night.

I know this location well. This is the South exit from Zhitomir towards Berdychyv, right close to the main bridge.

I talked to a lady whose house was damaged. She was in shock. She told me that her family was sitting at the table eating dinner. She, her husband and her son were sitting at the table when all of a sudden the noise of the airplane interrupted their dinner and then in a minute a loud explosion and the part of the ceiling fell down on her son. He is alive and at the hospital. Nothing critical.

But, the house next to her was completely destroyed, 100% destroyed. The owner of the house is alive. She was just sitting in her chair. This is a true miracle! I believe in divine intervention. Angels are fighting for Ukraine! WE NEED ANGELES AIR DEFENSE TO CLOSE OUR SKY! This could be more effective than NATO.


I was so moved by what happened, I reached out to my pocket, gave her what I had, and received a warm hug and a generous kiss on a cheek . I feel so sorry for these poor people.



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  2. Hi Mark.. unbelievable what is happening in Ukraine, there cannot be an irrational person in power of a country risking the safety of the entire innocent society...a hug