Monday, March 14, 2022

The Continuing Yard Redo

Haven't heard anything from Ukraine in a couple days. I do hope Alex is OK. 

In the mean time, the yard redo is still in progress (although slowly). I've laid the left side of the walkway edging (black line) and purchased the pavers to put in. Just in case you've forgot, we're going to remove the grass and replace it with bark nuggets. But still need a walkway to the back yard.   

Those little square blocks (48 of them) are 15"x15" and weight about 100 pounds apiece. OK, maybe 30/35 pounds apiece. Feel like 100 pounds especially toward the last 10 or so. 

But before that can go forward, we need to "top off" the garden plots in the back yard with that wonderful garden soil preferred by the pot growers in our area. After all, Spring is coming on the 20th and its almost time for garden planting. You'll note the triangle box in the back of the picture. New this year specifically for Lemon Cucumbers if we can find them. We had one plant last year and it produced more cucumbers than we could eat. Also, last year we had them in a circular fencing and it was very hard to a: find them and b: pick them. So, as you can see I put a flat screen against the fence and it's done in such a way that it moves backward and forward to make picking easy. Later on I'll do a post on what we decide to put in the rest of the plots. 

Back to the yard. Once we get the soil in the garden starting Friday, the pavers will go in. Back on January 30th, I posted the cost of replacing the yard with a sod cutter. Scratch that. Now we're going to solarize it. Wet it down, cover it with clear plastic, wait 6 to 7weeks, and voila! dead grass, dead seeds, dead everything. Scrape off the dead grass and cover with landscape fabric and bark nuggets. Simple. Quit laughing, I know you are.   

Hopefully the rest of the lawn will look something like this.

OK, that's the update for today. 

Stay tuned. 

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