Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Alex On His Way Back To Ukraine

 The latest. 

"Dear friends,

I cannot express to you in words how much I enjoyed my time in Poland with my family.

I took for granted so many things before, like conversations with my family about our future plans at the dinner table or movie nights. I tell you even more, shopping, which I could not stand before, now I could shop for hours!  (Before it took me 10 minutes to shop and I was hurrying up my girls to shop quicker)

Tomorrow I have to leave back to Ukraine.

I think I had a very successful trip. Of course the most important thing for me was to be with my family, but I was also able to buy something very important to bring back to Ukraine

When working in the hospital I was asked by the surgeons to help equip a surgery unit with an electrosurgical generator. The one they had was an old model and I witnessed when during the surgery it went off and the doctor instructed the nurse to switch it on and switch it off. It was something they did before, something normal for them and nobody panicked. This happens only in Ukraine :)!

It was a challenge to find the unit they asked in Europe, American made brand Covidien Force Triad.

I found a couple of these units in the auctions in the UK, but some lots were available only in two weeks and the shipment to Poland was extra 200 Euros. On Wednesday I found this device in Bremen, Germany. I called the seller and talked to him and asked what goes with this device. Everything seems right, even the price of 5,500 Euro was right, but the distance from Lodz to Bremen was long and when I offered Andreas to pay in cash he agreed to meet me in Berlin, which is halfway for him and half way for me.

We met at the gas Station and checked the unit right at the small café there. When I send the pictures to the surgeons in Zhitomir hospital, they were happy like me when I saw my family):

I think I was the first one in Berlin to test surgical equipment in the gas station.


Also on a nice note, there are no charges on Polish toll roads for the cars with Ukrainian registration and no parking charges in Berlin. That was kind of nice!

I should thank you all for making these possible, due to you generous donations I was able to buy:

1. Surgical Led light 700 worth- 4,500 USD
2. Electrosurgical generator- 5,500 EURO (6,050 USD)
3. 210 individual packages of dehydrated food for soldiers- 2,362 USD
4. 140 tourniquets- 2030 USD
5. Night vision device -630 USD
6. 10 pairs of military boots- 576 USD
7. One box of military rain covers (20 pieces)-575 USD
8. Tactical fingerless gloves 20 pairs- 579 USD
9. Expenses on Diesel- 350 USD
10. Power banks Xtrom 5 pieces-230 USD

Total: 17,852 USD

One more time, thank you all for making all these possible! All these goods will serve Ukrainian people.


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  1. I hope we are not looking at a bad ending for this war---Ukraine has got to win this war!!