Thursday, April 21, 2022

Where is everybody???

I've noticed blogdom has been quiet the last month or so. Anybody out there?

OK, got a response from Polish Origins. What I didn't get was a place to donate money, but a place to send goods. If you're like me, and I know most of you are, we don't have the ability to collect and donate the goods needed in Ukraine. That said, you are all off the hook for the donation challenge unless I come up with a good site for donations. 

Got a couple emails from Alex forwarded by Polish Origins in regard to Easter weekend. Here goes:

Glad to see Alex's family safe and sound in Lodz, Poland. 


"Dear friends,

On Thursday we were invited with dr.Judah to give training for the military paramedics.

This was very special for me. I can’t describe all the details of our visit because we were at the military location. I had to park my van and we walked with dr. Judah to a place where we were picked up by a military paramedic ambulance.
There we met Alexey. He quit his job as a child hematologist to become a military doctor. He is a real hero. He had been saving and evacuating soldiers from Makariv, (a city between Kyiv and Zhitomir) His stories could be compared with the stories from Bucha and Irpin.

The training was very much well received and we had a chance to talk with Alexey about the needs of his medical platoon. There are a lot of them. The reality is that 50% of their supplies come from volunteers. He told me that if not the volunteers, they would use horses and wagons for evacuation.

Due to the volunteers their medical platoon got much better and a new van. The driver of this ambulance is a farmer from the Pulyny region. While driving we talked about people we know. He was often a guest of the tire repair shop in Pulyny, which I helped to develop as a part of SMU's self-sustainable plan.

It’s a small world.

In the evening I invited my friends to me and dr. Judah taught them techniques of bleeding control, we practiced how to apply tourniquets and what to do if you do not have tourniquets.

That was very helpful. 

I personally want to thank  Judah for his mission. He is a man with a big heart, he is a real good Samaritan. What a pleasure it was to meet him!




"Dear friends,

I hope and pray that your Easter is as happy as mine!

After 50 days I was able to see my family. This is a real miracle!

I arrived in Warsaw on Friday to see of dr. Judah. I gave him a big hug and left for Lodz to meet my family.

This morning we all went to church to be united with other fellow Christians to celebrate the victory of life over death. It was a great service in a peaceful place! 

What a hope we have in Jesus!

I was moved to see an old lady on her crunches kneeled at the corner in the church dedicated to Ukraine. The sermon this morning was a lot about resurrected Jesus breaking through darkness and death and giving hope to the hopeless. 

We all need Jesus!

After church all my extended Polish family came to my niece's house for an Easter dinner.

Thank you Jesus for this gift to be with my family today!

I wish all of you Happy Easter! Peace be with all of you!


Stay tuned. 


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