Monday, June 6, 2022

Always Something Exciting From Ukraine

 Dear friends,

On Saturday I witnessed God’s logistics.

 A semi-truck from Hungary with a donation from hospitals in Austria, Hungary and Romania with hospital beds and respiration machines delivered all these to three hospitals in Zhytomyr.


Why I call in God’s logistics, because some people shared what I have been doing in the medical field among their friends and organizations and as a result of it was a semi-truck full of gifts!

Today I visited two villages. Serbo Slobodka and Poninka.

I have connections to two of these villages. Both of these villages are related to my Volyhnian Village Adventure Tours. In 2018 and 2019 my good friends from North America visited their ancestral villages. In both of these villages I made good friends and kept in touch with them all this time.

It was my first time to visit these villages during the war. I sure missed it. I really mean it. I made good friends with Mykola, a village administrator from Serbo Slobodka. In his village we made a lot of good projects. We made a deep well for the villagers; we created a handmade workshop and helped many of the village people.

Tamara is the oldest in the village and she still remembers the way the Germans lived in 1930 in this village. Every time I’m in Serbo Slobodka I visit Tamara. Despite the pain from the shingles she keeps positive and believes in Ukraine’s victory over Russia.


Mykola, the village admin told me that there are 36 people in his two villages, Serbo Slobodka and Yablunivka. I brought him food gifts for these families and asked him to help with the survey about the refugees.

Then I drove to Poninka. In 2018 I made good friends with Vlad. He is a deaf boy. When he was a child he lost hearing after meningitis. I helped  him get into a special school for deaf kids in Zhitomir and since that I always play chess with him. This is what he does the best):


I really liked to visit him. He is right now in Lipovka with his grandmother, a village 5 km away from Poninka. What a peaceful place!

On the other note. My younger daughter Violate missed her graduation ceremony in Ukraine. When they were in church last Sunday, she was invited to attend a Christian school for a month. Now she will have a graduation in Canada! Now she is looking for a dress!


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